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1000's of top medical clinics, hospitals & partners around the world use the data of the GCR to increase clinic reputation, revenue & reviews with GCR

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GCR For Medical Clinics & Hospitals

We believe in improving healthcare worldwide through shared, transparent data. Here's just some of the ways that GCR can help your clinic today

GCR builds clinic reputation


  • Demonstrate the level of quality available in your clinic against any other
  • Use GCR tools both offline & online to reach new patients
GCR drives business growth


  • Use GCR reports on your clinic to see strengths & weakness
  • Implement best practices of top clinics
GCR Improves clinic quality


  • Use the GCR review tools to manage & gain all your patient feedback from Google, Yelp & FB
  • Instantly display all your patients reviews from anywhere on the web

I. GCR Accreditation - The World's Largest International Clinic Accreditation

GCR Certificate

Through assessing almost 500,000 medical clinics worldwide, we really know which clinics are above international standards.

That's why 100's of these top clinics have applied for GCR international accreditation to prove that they can, based on international criteria - claim that they really are in the top 10% of clinics within any particular country.

The data that the GCR has on these clinics has been personally verified by an inspection by a GCR local ambassador & mystery patients.

GCR Accredited clinics can officially display the GCR Star & certificate in their clinics, to let patients know their official rating:

Join over 139 clinics who were accredited this year

II. Put the power of the world's largest clinic dataset to work and improve for your clinic

The GCR International Accreditation is based on the dataset of 500,000+ medical clinics worldwide. By using machine learning to create the algorithm behind the GCR ScoreTM, we now know exactly what patients are looking for in a top medical clinic.

  • GCR rates clinics in 4 different areas across 100+ data points and transforms this complexity into a single GCR score (1-5) that helps you understand where you stand against your competition (Learn more).
  • This gives your a fact-based approach at comparing your clinic fairly and quickly and helps you discover areas of improvements.
  • GCR Accredited clinics have live data on their clinic as well as benchmark data on the best clinics in the world, so they can stay on top of their game and continuously improve their clinic
See how GCR Accreditation can help you grow your revenues
GCR Machine Learning algorithm

III. Get more patient recommendations & referrals

Onsite review collection

Patient feedback and referrals from other doctors is an integral part of the GCR accreditation process. That's why we've created tools to ensure that potential patients can view more patient recommendations of your clinic without leaving your clinic website or reception desk.

Other doctors and clinics can refer their patients to another clinic of excellence, anywhere in the work by referring to GCR accredited clinics.

It's also now effortless for any patient to leave positive feedback, before they even leave your medical building on our patient feedback tool, directly on your website, or or in the comfort of their own home via email.

Ready to get accredited?

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Even if you are not yet ready to get accredited, you can use our clinic services to improve your clinic quality, grow reputation & your business

With GCR services you will be able to take the clinic to the next level:

  • Get insights from clinic benchmark to understand your business bottlenecks
  • Get review widget to collect 100 reviews in a single month to build your online reputation
  • Showcase your worldwide GCR rank with our GCR score widget
  • Earn up to 5 free inquiries from patients per month
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Case Study: Succeeding in Medical Tourism

Helvetic clinic case study

Helvetic Clinics

  • High patient satisfaction but limited growth due to lack of good medical facilities (3.8 GCR score)
  • Using GCR Accreditation & Insights, clinic moved to new premises, bought CBCT scanner and achieved 4.5 GCR score (Top 10 globally)
  • Patient leads & sales have grown since by 91%

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