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About GCR

At GCR.org we want to solve one of biggest problems in international healthcare - Everyone is still guessing.
Because even in today's digital & online age where we use data to make choices, when faced with a major medical condition, the majority of patients still do not know:

  • Where to go for their treatment?
  • Whom to really trust when searching for the best private health solution?

Through GCR.org we believe in providing simple, transparent "reputation" scores of medical offices, clinics & hospitals worldwide so that patients can immediately assess which is the safest, affordable and most reliable choice for them.

Read more here on how and why we rate clinics


The GCR project began in Spring 2014 as a beta test and a basic clinic ranking of 126,000 clinics was available for the general public in Autumn 2015.

GCR.org now rates over 430,000 clinics, including GCR accredited facilities in 126 countries of the world. This forms the largest database of clinics in the world, and wants to make this data available to as many people as possible.

Read more here about how we help clinics improve


GCR.org has offices located in San Francisco, London & Bratislava led by its co-founders:

Vlado Hruda
Vladimir Hruda
(Ex. Strategy & Big Data at Google)
Daniel Shaw
Daniel C. Shaw
(Smile Clinic Co-founder/
International Healthcare Speaker)

Core team

Adriene F.
Medical Analyst
Alex Z.
Boogii B.
Data entry
Gabriele G.
John B.
Maria F.
Martin C.
Michael V.
Patrick K.
Samuel V.
Clinic Support

External Ambassadors & Support

GCR.org would not have been possible without the advice and support of a growing team of local clinic ambassadors, companies & medical expert advisors from around the world including:

Irving Stackpole (US)
Chris Barrow (UK)
Dr. Frank Kannmann (DE)
Philip Pastler (DE)
Dr. Dusan Mesko (SK)
Dr. How Kim Chuan (MY)
Dr. Marek Salka (SK)
Alfred Frankovic (HR)
Ognjen Bagatin (HR)
Maria Georga (GR)
Arek Buziewicz (PL)
Dr. Randall Morera (CR)
Dr. Jaroslav Michalek (CZ)
Dr. David Gabriel (AT)
Marian Vavrek (AT)