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A note to patients, clinics, and hospitals who use gcr.org

The former GCR.org ranking website, known as the global clinic rating, has been retired as of September 2023. The website aimed to assist patients in making safer and more informed choices for their treatment.

During the transition period until the launch of the new GCR website powered by AI, GCR proudly presents lists of top clinics worldwide across various specializations, including Dentistry, IVF, Stem Cells, and more. These exceptional clinics have earned their place on these lists through a thorough selection process, incorporating data from an extensive collection of over 1000+ criteria.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the selected clinics meet and exceed international standards, establishing them as symbols of excellence in their respective fields. It is important to note that these clinics are not only accredited by GCR but were also personally verified, emphasizing GCR’s commitment to authenticity and providing users with trustworthy and verified information. GCR remains committed to recognizing and showcasing healthcare facilities that excel in delivering exceptional services.

This decision was made due to the decreasing relevance of user-generated rankings of clinics, thanks to advancements in AI technology. We believe that online reviews of clinics and hospitals are subjective and aim to offer more objective rankings and scores based on individual treatment rankings and an overall score for each clinic or hospital.

GCR.org has also changed ownership and plans to return soon with an AI-generated ranking system. This system will evaluate clinics and hospitals worldwide using patient-reported outcome measurements (PROMs) for various medical specialties.

We consider this a necessary step towards encouraging clinics and hospitals to strive for excellence and helping patients make well-informed decisions with the support of AI.

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The new GCR ranking system will be accompanied by an app and will be free for all participants. The certification process will no longer be required, and clinics will only need to subscribe if they wish to access detailed reports and analysis of their PROMs (patient-reported outcome measurements).

We wish continued success to your hospital or clinic, no matter where you are.

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