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Puerto Rico

Top 10 radiology clinics & hospitals for X-ray in Puerto Rico

GCR Score (avg.) of Top 10 clinics: 1.5

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Found 129 medical facilities
129 radiology clinics in Puerto Rico

Pre Vue

1.6 GCR score (5 reviews)

El Senorial Centro De Imagenes

Calle Parana 1757, San Juan PR
1.6 GCR score (5 reviews)

Mennonite General Hospital

Calle José C Vazquez , Aibonito PR
1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)

Ashford Medical Center Radi...

Calle Washington 29, San Juan PR
1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)

Bioimagenes Medicas

Ave. Hostos 351, Mayagüez PR
1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)

Clinica Yaguez

Calle Candelaria 114, Mayagüez PR
1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)

Aguada Medical Center

Puerto Rico 115 , Aguada PR
1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)

Santa Maria Radiology

1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)

Costa Salud Community Healt...

1.5 GCR score (5 reviews)
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