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Top 10 dental clinics & hospitals for Dental X-ray in United States ( 3.9 )

Top 10 dental clinics & hospitals for Dental X-ray in United States

GCR Score (avg.) of Top 10 clinics: 3.9
Found 56 medical facilities
56 dental clinics in United States

Johns Hopkins Dentistry

Superior Lane 3233, Bowie MD, US
3.9 GCR score (5 reviews)

Cleveland Clinic - Dentistry

East 93rd Street , Cleveland OH, US
3.8 GCR score (72 reviews)

UCSF Dental Center

Koret Way 10, San Francisco CA, US
3.7 GCR score (190 reviews)

Penn Dental Center at Unive...

Market Street 3401, Philadelphia PA, US
3.7 GCR score (39 reviews)

UCLA Venice Dental Center

Lincoln Boulevard 323, Los Angeles CA, US
3.6 GCR score (5 reviews)

Mount Sinai Family Dental

Madison Avenue 1468, New York NY, US
3.5 GCR score (2309 reviews)

Caring Smiles

Custer Drive 2117, Fort Collins CO, US
3.4 GCR score (98 reviews)

Spillers Orthodontics

Spillers Way 400, Warner Robins GA, US
3.3 GCR score (258 reviews)

Zenthea Invisalign and Dental

5th Avenue 572, New York NY, US
3.2 GCR score (110 reviews)

The Aesthetic Dental Studio...

Mineral Spring Avenue 2148, North Providence RI, US
3.1 GCR score (335 reviews)

Audrey Maiurano, DDS

Rolling Road 7841, Springfield VA, US
3.1 GCR score (21 reviews)

Weill Cornell Dentistry

East 68th Street 525, New York NY, US
3.0 GCR score (653 reviews)

Prestigious Smiles Family D...

14119 Stuebner Airline Rd. , Houston TX, US
3.0 GCR score (60 reviews)
    Dental implant t.: 6 | Success rate: 97%+

Sound Dentistry Seattle, Ri...

Olive Way 830, Seattle WA, US
3.0 GCR score (41 reviews)

Dee For Dentist

South Maryland Parkway 8772, Las Vegas NV, US
2.9 GCR score (545 reviews)

Noe Valley Smiles for Kids

24th Street 3932, San Francisco CA, US
2.9 GCR score (17 reviews)

Moeiz Koshki, DDS

15th Street 1260, Santa Monica CA, US
2.7 GCR score (51 reviews)

Woodbridge Smiles

Jefferson Davis Highway 304, Woodbridge VA, US
2.6 GCR score (91 reviews)

Penny Creek Family & Cosmet...

148th Street Southeast 3922, Bothell WA, US
2.4 GCR score (184 reviews)

All Smiles Family Dentistry...

1st Avenue Northeast 203, Seattle WA, US
2.3 GCR score (21 reviews)
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