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Dental Clinics

A dental clinic (also known as a "dental practice" or "dental office") are medical clinics that focus on the medical specialization of "stomatology" and may provide dental treatments and procedures such as tooth extractions, dental hygiene, dental check-ups, tooth fillings, tooth veneers, tooth crowns, tooth bridges, braces or dentures (false teeth).

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Patient Outcomes for Dental Clinics

Dental clinics aim to relieve patients of a toothache, prevent tooth decay or loss, restore missing or damaged teeth as well as jaw function and create an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Choosing a suitable Dental Clinic:

The GCR provides a simple score for each of the following areas so that you can immediately determine the level of quality available in any particular dental clinic.

These scores are then put together to create the overall GCR Score for each dental clinic.

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I. Dental Expertise

An experienced, multi-disciplinary dental team of various medical specialisations such as dental hygiene, dental surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, implantology and prosthodontics can usually offer you more personalised care than a smaller team who has to refer unusual cases out of their clinic to another clinic or doctor.

Note: Dentists qualifying as general dentists may offer some or all of the various specialisations of dentistry, however, they may lack the extensive post graduate certification to gain these specialisations - be sure to check this out.

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II. Dental Facilities

To ensure that the treatment you are being suggested is supported by evidence, choosing a suitable dental clinic starts with determining if the clinic has adequate dental diagnostics available usually involving an OPG x-ray or CT-scan and various bite registration technologies.

Facilities expected across all medical types:

Medical clinics must appear above all sterile & safe, and have the appropriate systems, technology and procedures in place to ensure it remains that way at all times.

"One use only" supporting materials such as facial masks, body covers and gloves should be seen to be changed after each patient. If in doubt, also ask to view the sterilisation room.

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III. Dental Services

At all times you should feel comfortable and understood. The medical team should work to calm any fears you may have, and inform you of any after care that may be needed.

The cost of your treatment should be clearly communicated beforehand as well as any guarantee that is offered by the clinic, should you be unsatisfied.

A full receipt and details of the treatment done should be provided after your treatment has been completed so that you can show these documents to any other clinic or doctor if need be.

Waiting times should be at a minimum, location and hours of opening of the clinic should be suited to create minimum inconvenience for the patient.

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IV. Patient Feedback

Reported patient feedback and up to date case studies from patients who have had treatment in your particular chosen dental clinic is worth looking at.

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Success Rates for Dental Clinics

GCR looks at the long-term survival rate of the dental work done in patients and if the patient is continually free of pain, able to chew and pleased with the aesthetics.

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Complication Rates for Dental Clinics

GCR looks at the number of patients who have had dental work that has been rejected or failed to provide continual satisfaction for the patient.