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Jako smo zadovoljni s kvalitetom usluge kao i profesionalnošću i iskrenošću sveg osoblja u ordinaciji počevši od prvog email s Dr Popovićem pa sve do završetka posla.
Svima iskreno preporučujemo da posete Beograd i ordinaciju Dr Popović i sami se uvere u isto.
Goran i Anita 🇦🇺🇷🇸

From initial contact through email till the completion of dental work, we have been extremely satisfied with the highest quality of work, professionalism, honesty and internal of entire Dr. Popovic clinical staff...

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By Goran , Australia (Published ago on Gcr star )
Maja je fenomenalna . :) Prezadovoljna.

By Jasmina (Published ago on )
I am extremely happy with my new smile, which dr. popovic an ...

I am extremely happy with my new smile, which Dr. Popovic and his team of professionals created for me just within 2 weeks. High level of professionalism!!!

By Liudmila , Cyprus (Published ago on Gcr star )
I am extremely happy with my beautiful teeth. it has been a ...

I am extremely happy with my beautiful teeth. It has been a real pleasure to receive such professional care by committed and understanding experts. The whole process from start to finish has been thorough - Dr Popovic,s clinic is wonderful and I recommend its services highly.

By Karen , United Kingdom (Published ago on Gcr star )

By Milica (Published ago on )
Over my fear

I am terrified of dentists but these three are the nicest people you could wish to meet. Professional and gentle. I have to return in three months but am not scared as I know what to expect.

By Pat , Serbia (Published ago on Gcr star )
By Андреа (Published ago on )
Definitivno najbolja stomatološka ordinacija u gradu. Svaka p...

Definitivno najbolja stomatološka ordinacija u gradu. Svaka preporuka !

By Simo (Published ago on )
By Nikola (Published ago on )
Mr. nikolas ilic

Bonjour, je voudrais remercier le docteur Nemanja Popovic, le Docteur Ivana Stamenic , ainsi que toute son équipe pour leurs professionnalisme, leurs compétences,leurs amabilités et le respect envers le patient. Je vous remercie de tout cœur de m avoir rendu le sourire! Merci Beaucoup et à bientôt !

By Ilic , France (Published ago on Gcr star )
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