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Dental clinic in Nogales, Mexico. | 15 reviews | Ranked 1049 globally.


Visit YOUNG DENTAL NOGALES clinic, which ranks in Top 50 Dental clinics in Mexico. With the GCR score of 2.1/5 it belongs to the top dental clinics in Nogales, Mexico. 100.0% of 15 patients were satisfied with the treatment at this dental clinic.

Accreditation: Unaccredited

Only the top dental clinics that have proven to be above international standards can qualify to be GCR Accredited.

Expertise: Expertise score 1.4/5 (-36% vs country avg) )

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Languages spoken at the clinic include English and Spanish.


Feedback: Feedback score 3.5/5 (-10% vs country avg) )


3.5 (15 reviews)

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Remember make appt after 10 am since the second border gate i...

Remember make appt after 10 am since the second border gate is right there he is definitely worth i the trip. I had multiple teeth pulled and removable top partial plate made. Two teeth were broken off at gum I brought ice pack and pain pills because I knew it would be rough . NO I never even felt the numbing needles! The needles looked different and I never felt anything could not believe it was done so fast and everything was done in 2 visits one week I would definitely recommend him and if you are afraid of walking streets of Mexico as you come out of the second border gate over the tracks he is about 50' away real close US estimate of work $3500 young dental $650 cash Moving back home across US so want to go there one more time for my husband

By Linda (Published ago on )
Wish I could add more stars! Dr. Ricardo Rivero is most defi...

Wish I could add more stars! Dr. Ricardo Rivero is most definitely a maestro at his profession, while performing his trade with the utmost sensitivity to his patients. I entered this clinic originally to have a loose crown reattached and was so impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the demeanor of Ricardo and his able assistant that I requested a proposal for a much needed porcelain upgrade of my upper front teeth. After two weeks and three visits I now have a most prideful smile for the first time in my life.

Dr. Rivero is not only a highly qualified craftsman, but additionally a gentle, caring and honest dental care provider. I simply can't say enough about not only the affordable cost, but the amazing result. And, the various procedures were virtually pain free. I've since highly recommended this cross border dentistry to many of my friends and family, Bravo, Dr. Rivero! Thanks for making my life a little bit better.

By Murray (Published ago on )
My first dental excursion in Mexico. Finally located Dr Ricar...

My first dental excursion in Mexico. Finally located Dr Ricardo after asking several people. (Use the East Gate to Mexico side. 50 yards away from office).

I also had a root canal and a crown. My experience was better because I got a firm price at the beginning. The only reason it's not a 5 star is that I allowed him to add, "It might be $50 more or less... but that's all". He added the extra $50. Otherwise, the experience was great. He warned me that his assistant (his wife) had to mix the paste without gloves but that she washed her hands; he explained that he recently had a bad experience with someone because of that.

The other dentist who came in for the root canal was very professional and did it (almost!) painlessly! Afterwards I only took 2 pain pills and only as a preventative.

It was all done in 1 day (I came in at 10am)! When the crown showed up from the lab, he demonstrated on the mold how it fit, and when he inserted it, he only had to do some very minor grinding to fit. It fit perfectly and I would definitely go there again. Just remember to get a firm price before beginning.

By Steve (Published ago on )
Excellent servie

By Juan , Mexico (Published ago on Gcr star )
Excellent service. Knowledgeable dentist with care and thorou...

Excellent service. Knowledgeable dentist with care and thoroughness. Will go back again.

By John (Published ago on )
My experience with this clinic started out to be a good one b...

My experience with this clinic started out to be a good one but went bad on the third appointment . The first appointment I had a root canal which was done by somebody that this clinic brought in , I guess he was a dentist ?? Then the clinic dentist did the post and core build up .He then took an impression for the crown . The lady that mixed the impression material did so with her bare hands ! I should have walked out then but I didn't for some reason . I paid $800 deposit that day . I came back a few days later and he put the crown on and took an impression for teeth , uppers and a lower partial . They wanted $400 more that day but I refused and luckily so . I came back a few days later for the fit of my new partial and upper dentures . This is when things all went bad . The teeth were a HORRIBLE fit . The teeth on one side were long and the other side they were short . When I smiled I looked as tho I had had a stroke ! It turns out that the post core build up was done incorrectly and didn't match the height of the crown I had on the other side of my mouth . The teeth were slanted to fit the uneven crowns. The dentist tried to blame it on the Lab and took another set of impressions . I even left my original set with them so they had a base line to start with this time . I came back three days later and the teeth weren't done . They blamed it on the Lab again. I waited for a couple of hours while they lied to me about where the teeth were and finally they admitted that the teeth weren't done . He, (the dentist) went to the lab and got my original teeth back and I asked for a refund . They tried to give me $100 of the $800 back and I said no . He wanted to keep the post core build up and the crown money , which is useless because of the poor job he did . I came home with no teeth, no refund and a crown that is useless because of the poor workmanship of this dentist . I now have to spend more money to have a competent dentist undo and redo everything these un professional people did . I would NOT recommend Young Dental Clinic to anyone . Learn from my mistake . Oron Z . Tucson Az

By Jangles (Published ago on )
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Facilities: Facilities score 2.0/5 (-14% vs country avg) )

Medical Facilities

  • Intraoral Camera
  • DIAGNO Pen
  • Laboratory: Lab: In the same town / city

Non-medical facilities

  • Disabled patient access

Services: Services score 3.1/5 (+74% vs country avg) )

Patient manager

  • Available 24/7

Clinic communication

  • Active Facebook page
  • Active Twitter account
  • Treatment follow-up call
  • Treatment follow-up email

Free Services

  • Crown / bridge removal
  • Free Wi-Fi (all areas)
  • Temporary crowns
  • X-rays (all)

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