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I wish I could give NO STARS. In my most recent visit at 38 w...

I wish I could give NO STARS. In my most recent visit at 38 weeks of my high risk pregnancy I have had enough. Your just a dollar sign.. This all started with the billing. around 5 months in they told me that they will now be billing me as a whole package now thru til delivery. So basically receiving a final bill for everything. I was under the understanding that this is the final bill, there was no mention of payment plans or a due date of this few thousand dollar bill not to mention my insurance is paying into this. My bill got brought to my attn when they started asking for payments and I didn't understand why. So they explained to me that they originally had me set up on a payment plan of 400/mo, that I got no information on or were told about. They then told me that since I haven't been making those payments they revised it and my monthly payment was now 650. I explained to the receptionist that again I was never informed or knew that this bill was to be paid in full by the time my baby is born. Also explained that if I would have been informed of this "payment plan" in the first place I still would not have been able to make a monthly payment of 400,let alone 650. So from the start of this "miscommunication" about the billing I have been making small payments to make an effort to show that I'm willing to pay, just not what they are expecting of me. Then a new billing policy supposedly was put in place and every time you go in for an appt if you can't make your designated monthly payment they call the billing dept right there at the check in desk, and hand you the phone to talk to billing, with all of the patients sitting there at your back and people standing in line waiting to be checked. In while your there on their phone being questioned about why your not making your payment and how much you can make that day etc. Every time I give them the same answer and they threaten me with we will not be able to see you if your bill is not paid in full after the baby is born, or that your debt will go to collections. And every single time i leave I'm angry and stressed out about how they handle things. Well my last visit on 1/17/18 was the last straw with these inconsiderate people. I was in the  waiting room waiting to be called back for the follow up with the Dr. Reception then decided to ask me about payment, unfortunately my paycheck doesn't come til next Monday so I told her I'm more than willing to call Monday to make a payment since i can't this time. She called billing and told them that I "maybe" able to make a payment next week sometime... She got put on hold and they were ready for me for the Dr follow up and she told the MA to wait so she could put me on with billing then Stood there for about 5 min and billing was going to call back so they took me back. Got undressed from waist down so they could check for any dilation waiting for the dr. And I get a knock on the door and in comes someone I've never met before. Mrs DERDRA CAMERON introduced herself as the office manager and I'm sitting there HALF NAKED UNDER A SHEET, AND SHE WANTS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT A BILL! TALK ABOUT THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL AND VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY! If that wasn't crossing the line I don't know what is. I've had enough!
Not to mention that all the Dr's are so hands off and don't even try to get to know you as a patient.... They don't listen to what you have to say and for my first time being pregnant I'm sure glad i looked up Alot of things because they sure don't inform you of anything, they give u a packet where you can look up stuff. Your just another cattle in the heard. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER REFER SOMEONE TO ANY OF THESE TERRIBLE ESTABLISHMENTS.

By Brittany (Published ago on )
Great staff and wonderful to deal with. Very helpful and info...

Great staff and wonderful to deal with. Very helpful and informative. We are on our second child and will be using Valley Women for Women again.

By Eliot (Published ago on )
I had the worse experience and it started when I called to ma...

I had the worse experience and it started when I called to make my appointment. The staff was so rude, not friendly, told me they would not schedule my appointment till my doctor sent over my information when it was already sent. She didn't even bother to check. Had to call a second time to schedule my appointment, there was no follow-up reminder call. And dealing with the staff in the office was even worse, I find them eating their lunch at the front desk, the staff treated me like I was putting them out. The staff and doctor's are not friendly or welcoming.

By Tina (Published ago on )
I switched from MomDoc to VW4W almost halfway through my preg...

I switched from MomDoc to VW4W almost halfway through my pregnancy. I was having some problems and right from the start Dr. Floman hit the nail on the head... Read more at

By Nicole (Published ago on Yelp )
New patient check in was extremely long (30 min of paperwork)...

New patient check in was extremely long (30 min of paperwork). Then when we finally got to see the doctor, she asked us the same questions that we had just filled out (another 30 min). They claim their 2 systems don’t cross. She wasn’t helpful with any questions we had either. Need a pediatrician? Want to know about chord blood? Do you have new skin issues you want looked at? Find another practice to answer your questions. What a waste of time.

By Grant (Published ago on )
First off, I love Heidi. She was wonderful and the only reaso...

First off, I love Heidi. She was wonderful and the only reason that I would give one star (even though she deserves more) other wise I would give ZERO. Front desk staff ALWAYS rude and unhelpful. Most of the time I felt like I knew more about what I should be doing rather than them. Came in for my gestational diabetes test, front desk gave no instruction to go back and get my test from the lab and I ended up spending twice the time there after the lab ladies came and found me. My husband has been treated rude by front desk, my calls were never returned and it was always a miracle to get anyone on the phone. Now, my son is 6 months old and several months ago they sent a refund check as I had overpaid for some of my visits. Great! However a few weeks ago I received a bill for $800 for no reason. The bill had no explanation whatsoever. I went into the office, where the front desk person handed me a phone with billing on the other end in the lobby; completely unprofessional. I finally was given the ok to go down to the billing office where I got "some" answers only to call my insurance to find out that they can't find any retractions of payments made (which is what the office said happened and that's why it's now my responsibility to pay) I am beyond fed up with them and not surprised in the slightest to read other reviews left with similar problems. Many comments made a long time ago, so clearly no efforts have been made to rectify ANY of the issues. Oh, I am also dealing with their third party lab testing (they have been great helping with the problem) because valley for women sent my test in with my maiden name, not my married name so I was not found under insurance. It took valley for women three visits to change that in their system. (Three months) thanks for that. Do not go here. Simple as that.

By Allison (Published ago on )
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