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The Instituto Flikier de Rehabilitación Oral

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The Instituto Flikier de Rehabilitación Oral is Costa Rica 's leading cosmetic and restorative dental spa. Here artistry meets science to provide a unique blend of caring and comfort. Dr Flikier and his team are pleased to introduce you to our unique dental practice. Your need for healthy teeth and Gums is our main focus. Dr Flikier is known for treating each patient with individual care, knowing there is a different wants and needs for each one of his medical travel patients. Dr Flikier plans your treatment to achieve optimum dental health. His expertise in “restoring” teeth allows strong long lasting solutions. Rather than just “fill” teeth he restores teeth to their natural strength and beauty.

Accreditation: Unaccredited

Only the top dental clinics that have proven to be above international standards can qualify to be GCR Accredited.

Expertise: Expertise score 3.3/5 (+32% vs country avg) )

Key dental treatment metrics

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Doctors & Medical Staff

Languages spoken at the clinic include English, French, and Spanish.

Dr. Daniel Vainer Leitchman (27 years of experience) years)
  • Specializations: Implantology
Dr. Simon Flikier Z. (18 years of experience) years)
  • Accreditations: ADA - American Dental Association (US)
  • Specializations: Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry, Prosthodontics, and Implantology
Dra. Jamie Lizano (14 years of experience) years)
  • Specializations: Cosmetic dentistry and General Dentistry (Dental Assistant)
Dr. Jorge Blen Esposito (9 years of experience) years)
  • Specializations: Implantology
Dr. Ivan Navarro
  • Specializations: Implantology
Dr. Dashiel Carr
  • Accreditations: AO - Academy of Osseointegration (US) and ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists (International)
  • Specializations: Implantology
Dr. Mariano García, DDS
  • Accreditations: AAO - American Association of Orthodontists (US)
  • Specializations: Orthodontics
Dr. Ilan Grunhaus
  • Accreditations: AAP - American Academy of Periodontology (US) and HDA - Hispanic Dental Association (US)
  • Specializations: Implantology and Periodontics

Top procedures at the clinic

This clinic specializes in following dental procedures such as root canal, veneers, and inlay / onlay along others with the technological support such as 3d cone beam x-ray (cbct) devices for diagnosis.

Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Extraction

Feedback: Feedback score 4.0/5 (-3% vs country avg) )

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Facilities: Facilities score 3.0/5 (+0% vs country avg) )

Medical Facilities

  • 3D Cone Beam X-ray (CBCT)
  • Laboratory: Lab: In the clinic (within or 200m)

Services: Services score 1.2/5 (-47% vs country avg) )

Patient manager

  • Weekdays

Clinic communication

  • Active Facebook page
  • Active Twitter account
  • Active website
  • Active Youtube account

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