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Stephen Y Yu DDS

Dental clinic in Los Angeles, United States. | 3 reviews


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By Kimberly (Published ago on )
Rosie and Sharon are the best front desk staff in town! Dr Yu...

Rosie and Sharon are the best front desk staff in town! Dr Yu is a great orthodontist and very fun to work with.

By Stuart (Published ago on )
Watch out!!! By far the worst doctor’s office I have ever h...

Watch out!!!
By far the worst doctor’s office I have ever had the misfortune to encountering in my life.

The worst part of the whole experience is that they just billed for service that wasn't performed! Do yourself a favor and stay away. Don't get ripped off!

I am a mid-aged woman with the desire to maximize the health of my teeth as well as enhance them cosmetically. During my first consultation I saw Dr. Yu very briefly; however, Mrs. Melody LeBlank, the office manager, lead the rest of the appointment. While applying a lot of pressure she convinced me to choose Braces rather than Invisalign. In spite of the fact that I expressed numerous health and esthetic concerns with Braces, Mrs. LeBlank forced me to commit ASAP. She did not care about the health of the patients, only the money. On top of it, she was arrogant and condescending.

I started my treatment on January with X-Ray and first portion of payment was made.
On February 3rd, I got my braces placed (the second payment was made).
I was prepared to cope with discomfort, pain but NOT extremely endless dry mouth, which I experienced the full three weeks that I had the braces on. I had parched/dry lips, trouble swallowing, thirst, thick and stringy saliva, soreness in the mouth and cuts and cracks at the corners of mouth.

I gave it a try for the first 2 weeks, but it did not get any better. I came to see the doctor, and I was told that I might be a very “special case”, and according to Dr. Yu, he was unfamiliar with such side effects… this left me with mixed emotions.
The Doctor suggested allowing another week or two before I made a final decision to remove or keep the braces on. Unfortunately, my symptoms wouldn’t improve and I experienced no relief. Dr. Yu expressed sympathy to the condition and offered a treatment plan: to remove Braces, order the test retainers and have me wear it for a month before I decided to switch to Invisalign. No additional payments were requested or discussed for test retainers, infacet Dr. Yu specifically stated that he would switch me to Invisalign free of charge.

By the time I was ready to continue with treatment and to elect Invisalign, I had another meeting with Mrs. LeBlank where we went over the new cost of the new treatment, and my portion to be submitted in full at my next upcoming visit.
So far was so good until after I called 3 days before my appointment to notify that I would like to discontinue service and wanted to receive the reimbursement.
I let a few days pass by and called back hoping maybe I might get money back or prorated amount with explanation. I was notified that Mrs. LeBlank is unavailable(surprise, surprise) and is the only one who is in charge of billing. I have received NO response to this day, two weeks past the date of my call. Which is amusing since she was always available to make a sale and bill my card.

On top of that I learned that my credit card was charged TWICE at the same day of my cancellation without my agreement and/or permission as well as Signature.

I have now opened a dispute with my bank, wasting my time and energy. What a nightmare!

Super unethical billing practices and customer service as well as very low moral and ethical business standards.

I would have picked zero stars if I could. Truly the worst of the worst!

By Zdislava (Published ago on )
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