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3 months ago

Just finished treatment at SportsFit for a skiing related ACL/MCL injury, and couldn't be happier with the experience. My treatment team of Jessica and Tetiana was knowledgeable, effective and enjoyable to be around. The facility and equipment are nicer than most PT clinics I've been in (and I've been in quite a few). I'd describe the clinic as the "Equinox" of physical therapy facilities with new, clean equipment across the board. Perhaps the most underrated part of the experience was the front desk staff who did a great job keeping me scheduled and on top of my program. I would strongly recommend the place and plan on returning next time I inevitably hurt myself.

3 months ago

Dr. Lauren Freitas at Sports sportsfit was instrumental in my recovery from knee surgery due to a tear in the meniscus in my left knee. Dr. Freitas understood exactly what I needed and tailored my exercises specifically to what I had to work on. I am 76 years old and do not like to exercise. She was very patient with me and would encourage me through every step. She provided me with a printout of exercises for me to do at home, which I never did. Fortunately, she was able to make up for my failure to exercise at home with exercises that I did at the clinic. Sports Fit accepted my medical insurance. The staff was always friendly and accommodating.

7 months ago

I began my work at SportsFit with an Rx for physical therapy, and while I've dealt with different issues, I've always received the most expert care. PT docs (initially Ashley Kreger, currently on leave) and Rebecca Pitts with their physical trainers, Edwin Heredia and Olivia Hawes, have not only helped me march away from pain, they gave me exercises to accompany me down my road to continued good health. Along the way, I tried their Pilates classes, and these significantly changed my life forever. Currently I'm working with Melika Rafael and Aleyse Bradford. Distinctively different in personality and approach, both women possess knowledge and mental flexibility. While good spirited about trying new movements, on occasion I have some physical challenges that limit which each of these Pilates instructors reacts with kindness, patience and creativity. Every time I enter SportsFit, I know I'm in good hands.

9 months ago

I had a wonderful experience at SportsFit physical therapy. Dr. Jared Vagy is incredible-- knowledgable, intelligent and genuine. He is an expert in his field, thinks creatively/outside the box and has top notch people skills. Nancy (the PT aide I worked with) is very personable, motivating and knows her stuff. They helped me through some recurring back pain and helped me build my strength & also confidence in my body's ability to heal. I recommend them both (and SportsFit) highly without an ounce of reservation!

4 months ago

Kyle was referred to me by one of the most popular physical therapists in Colorado who works on professional cyclists in the world tour. I was impressed with his ability to help me. Even though my insurance was "out of network", they worked with me and got me a good price. The billing department was a little confused after the fact, but the misunderstanding was resolved promptly and professionally.

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