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Sowles Trauring Dental Partner

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Visit Sowles Trauring Dental Partner dental clinic in Boston, United States - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

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Went to them once. They lectured me about how I have refluxes...

Went to them once. They lectured me about how I have refluxes in the past and the acid was what was rotting my teeth. Wanted to do unnecessary work and charged me too much. They also sent the bill to my home address in Boston when it's supposed to go to my parents in Westford.

By Jamea (Published ago on )
Called DPoB at 8:30am with a broken (unsavable) tooth and was...

Called DPoB at 8:30am with a broken (unsavable) tooth and was told to come right in. I've NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE and they had me come right in. The woman on the the phone was sympathetic, and could tell in tone of her voice. Numbing gel was on my tooth 10mins after getting there, novacaine 5 mins later, tooth out 20mins later. Total relief instantly. I could not say enough how well they treated me. Dr Balk is the best!!

By Shawn (Published ago on )
I'm 31 and I have never written an online review of anything ...

I'm 31 and I have never written an online review of anything before. If I order my steak medium and it comes out medium rare, I just eat it and don't go online to tell the world about it. With that said, please read this review before trusting these scumbags with your teeth/face.

I went to dental partners in 2013 because I had a small bump near a tooth that I had gotten a root canal on the year before. They tell me I need two teeth pulled and two implants put in ASAP and fed me some crazy story about how my body was rejecting my own teeth. Seemed aggressive, but ok. They gave me an antibiotic and told me to come back in a week for a FREE pre-op consultation. After taking the antibiotic the bump cleared up within a day. I receive a quote on the surgery for close to $10K. I talk to a couple of people at my office, which was in the same building, and they both suggested I go elsewhere because Dental Partners has a history of trying to upsell people on unnecessary work. "Rent isn't cheap in the Pru" is what one coworker said.

The "Free consultation" was scheduled for a Friday. I called them the day before, on Thursday, and requested we cancel. The girl on the phone cancelled it and made no mention of a fee or there be any issue with cancelling.

I then get a bill in the mail for $260 noted as a cancellation fee. I called to get it cleared up and to my shock, they dug their heels in and said I didn't cancel 48 hours in advance, only 24 hours, so I got penalized. I asked why the girl didn't tell me about the fee on the phone when I cancelled and they said it's mentioned on their website or something. I also asked why there was a charge at all if it was a "free consultation", to which they replied it's only free if I go through with the surgery. REMINDER, this is a medical practice, not a used Volvo dealership. I asked if I could speak to the dentist who diagnosed me, and he never took the call or called me back as promised. I find out after moving to Florida that they had sent my bill to collections and put a derogatory mark on my credit. Basically daring me to take them to court over 200 bucks.

I'll end by mentioning it's been three years and I never needed surgery. I've been to two other dentists since and they both said that there is zero reason why I would ever need to have those two teeth pulled.

By Caleb (Published ago on )
DPB has performed many major procedures for me (extractions, ...

DPB has performed many major procedures for me (extractions, implants, reconstructions and root canals) as well as fillings and cleanings. After having experienced many years of dentistry...from good to really bad...I can tell you, they are excellent. Along with a staff of caring professionals, they provide the very best care. Would I recommend them? Definitely...and I do frequently!

By Melba (Published ago on )
Now that I've moved away from Boston, I appreciate this denta...

Now that I've moved away from Boston, I appreciate this dental office even more. I've yet to find another one where the standards for good dental hygiene are as high. My new dentist was super impressed by the crowns Dr. O'Toole put on my lateral incisors -- she called them "completely flawless." I'm tempted to travel back to Boston in the future should I need any serious dental work done. Keep up the excellent work!

By Sarah (Published ago on )
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