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You will not find a better dentist! He is awesome!

By Virginia (Published ago on )
I've been seeing Dr Schembari for years and years since he bo...

I've been seeing Dr Schembari for years and years since he bought out Dr. Chyatte's practice. I think Dr. Scehmbari is an exceptional caring dentist. He follows-up major procedures with a check up phone call. He readily provides patients his cell phone number. His practice manager Melanie has worked with Dr. Schembari for many many years. His dental hygenists are also excellent. Dr. Schembari invests in the latest technologies available. Dr. Schembari is never rushed and always does the best work possible.

By Kevin (Published ago on )
Both my husband and I have been going to Schembari for years....

Both my husband and I have been going to Schembari for years. Can't say enough about how happy we are with them.
Everyone is very courteous and personable, appointments always on time (no waiting), the office itself is pleasant and super clean. The two hygienists (mother and daughter) are gentle on your mouth, plus they are pleasant people. Dr. Schembari himself, is warm and professional. I highly recommend.

By Natalie (Published ago on )
I have been going to Dr. Schembari since this summer (July 20...

I have been going to Dr. Schembari since this summer (July 2013), and I am very satisfied with my experience there. Being quite literally born and raised in Laurel my entire life, I have been to probably every dentist in town. When my previous dentist went out of network, I took the referral to Dr. Schembari's office from others and have been so happy with my decision every since. I went in for a general check-up, and the staff was able to find SIX cavities that my previous dentist was unable to locate including a decaying tooth in the back. When said tooth was pulled, Dr. Schembari called me that night to see how I was healing and to give further instructions on how to help the healing process.

I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, but all of the staff make me feel quite at ease allowing me to not become so nervous. I notice a lot of negative reviews online that have to do with the front office staff or pressuring from Dr. Schembari, but I have a hard time believing these reviews are not those of belligerent people because Dr. Schembari is probably one of the most sensible, well-humored people I have ever met and spends his Fridays out in the community helping others. I have seen both dentists in the office and I am hoping to create a long relationship with the practice since I am extremely pleased with their services. If you are considering a new dentist, I highly recommend this practice.

By Lauren (Published ago on )
Despite reading mixed reviews of this dentist, I chose to mak...

Despite reading mixed reviews of this dentist, I chose to make an appointment because he is conveniently located for me. When I called to make my initial appointment two separate secretaries tried to upsell me on a cleaning that I did not need. I declined. Others have complained that the staff here try to push whitening and other unnecessary cosmetic procedures, but I thought I would simply decline and move on. Well...

Upon my arrival the front desk staff was incredibly rude. Despite my having confirmed my insurance information over the phone and being told that I did not need to bring anything, I was told that I would not be seen without ID. I was about to ask whether I could have the information faxed over when the secretary interrupted me to say that if I wanted to pay in full with cash or a credit card, I could still be seen. Flabbergasted by this absurd suggestion, I requested to have my info faxed. The woman agreed. The fax arrived but she decided it wasn't "clear" enough, and it would have to be sent yet again.

At this point I was visibly annoyed, and her response to this was to try to force me to leave the office! I was not yelling or making a scene, I was simply irritated by the staff's unprofessional conduct. She claimed that we "would not be able to have a positive working relationship" and it would "be better if [I] left." I attempted to make conciliatory remarks to tone down her aggression. When she went back to speak with Dr. Schembari, another patient whispered to me that this woman was so rude to people that she and her husband often joked about her. What a nasty piece of work.

That was more than enough for me. I left without another word. Everything negative I've heard about this dentist's office staff is true. Save yourself the aggravation. I wish I had.

By The (Published ago on )
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