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Promenade Dental

Dental clinic in Atlanta, United States. | 5 reviews


Visit Promenade Dental dental clinic in Atlanta, United States - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

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I wanted to give this location 5 stars because they are a gre...

I wanted to give this location 5 stars because they are a great staff very friendly and professional but the fact that I still had to pay 16 dollars when they supposedly validated my parking took away 2 stars. I will probably switch to another non down town location because I can't see paying for "validated" parking kind of defeats the purpose. Other wise job well done!

By Antoinette (Published ago on )
I love this dentist, but don't get there early. Especially if...

I love this dentist, but don't get there early. Especially if you are getting just a cleaning. My appt was at 5, so I decided to get there a little early. I got there at 445 and left at around 6:15. I tried to get my ticket validated and the receptionist stated that they don't validate for cleanings. Let me say that this is RIDICULOUS. I paid $14.00 for parking. If you go here for just a cleaning, I suggest you park on the street or somewhere that is free!!

By Nick (Published ago on )
From age 11 until 22, I was going to the same dentist in Miss...

From age 11 until 22, I was going to the same dentist in Mississippi. Ever since I’ve moved to Atlanta I’ve been on the hunt for a good dentist. I made an appointment for my sister and I to see Dr. Harris and I was pleasantly surprised by how great this place is! If you're looking for a great dentist that's in the heart of Atlanta, Promenade Dental Care is the way to go. From the moment I entered the office everyone made me feel super comfortable!! I absolutely loved Cindy at the first desk, she was so nice and was a key factor in making me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in! As soon as I filled out all of my paperwork they took me back immediately. My dental hygienist Jessica was super friendly and sensitive to my pain points. I went for a routine cleaning and will be going back in February for a follow-up procedure. Dr. Harris is absolutely amazing and very detail oriented. He explained everything thoroughly and his service was excellent. I’ve been to some dentist offices where they try to push services on you, but he explained what needed to be done now and what to look out for in the future. Dr. Harris is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions in great detail…in other words…this man knows what he’s talking about! I also received a print out of all of my out of pocket costs for my follow-up procedure, so I would be aware of what to expect for my next visit.

This is my first review and although SEVERAL places have made me mad enough to write a book of reviews, this place was so outstanding that it prompted me to share the high-level of service Dr. Harris and his staff demonstrated.

By Khadetra (Published ago on )
I'm writing a follow-up review because I have continued to co...

I'm writing a follow-up review because I have continued to come to this dentist since my first visit in 2014. The dental hygienist was very energetic and enthusiastic. I felt very comfortable in her care. I felt like she was taking her time to get the best results with my teeth impressions to be made into retainers. I felt like my specific needs were taken very seriously. Dr. Harris was not there for my initial cleaning/check-up appointment when i decided to get retainers, but upon arrival of my follow-up appointment to get impressions for my retainers I was made aware he had reviewed my request for retainers and he had specific points he wanted me to be aware of so I could make a decision that fit my needs best and would avoid further costs in the future. I always feel like I receive fair advice and the best care at this office!

By Shannon (Published ago on )
I've been with them for over 25 years (2 previous dentists) b...

I've been with them for over 25 years (2 previous dentists) but when Dr. Harris took over the place began to change. Don't get me wrong, he is a very good and nice dentist. But since he decided to spend more time with his family, there is an ever changing cast of dentists. You never know who you're getting. Moreover, at my recent 10 am appointment to which I was early, I was expected to wait for over 1/2 hour. This after 2 emails, a text and a call to remind me of my appointment. Sorry, this place has gone from great to questionable. Now, I am their patient no more.

By Michael (Published ago on )
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