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Philippe Maffrand Ets

Ophthalmology (Eye) clinic in Noisy-le-Grand, France. | 2 reviews


Visit Philippe Maffrand Ets ophthalmology (eye) clinic in Noisy-le-Grand, France - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

Accreditation: Unaccredited

Only the top ophthalmology (eye) clinics that have proven to be above international standards can qualify to be GCR Accredited.

Expertise: Expertise score

GCR has not yet received sufficient expertise data from this clinic. To ensure you pick the right clinic you can ask one of the following questions:

  • Has the Philippe Maffrand Ets been internationally accredited or received awards for medical its care?
  • How many years of experience has the staff? How long have they been working at the clinic? Which medical schools did they attend in Noisy-le-Grand, Île-de-France, France?
  • Are the doctors onsite certified for their treatment specialties?
  • How many of such procedures does a clinic per year in Noisy-le-Grand, Île-de-France, France?
  • When was this clinic founded? How many years of experience does it have?

Feedback: Feedback score

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Pas capable d'être présent aux heures indiqué. Je suis venu v...

Pas capable d'être présent aux heures indiqué. Je suis venu vendredi à 18h45 mais sachez que les horaires sont internet ne sont pas juste. La boutique prend son vendredi après midi puisqu'elle ferme à 17h30 (j'ai fait changer les horaires sur google vendredi soir), son samedi entier et n'ouvre le dimanche qu'entre 10h (normalement) et 14h. Je viens d'attendre pendant 30min dans le froid avec 5 autres personnes devant la boutique.
Message au gérant : Si vous n'êtes pas capable d'être présent à l'heure changez d'activité.
Bref, mes colis ne passeront plus jamais par cette boutique et je n'irai certainement pas chez cette opticien qui manque clairement de professionnalisme.

By Adrien (Published ago on )
Super accueil

By Helene (Published ago on )
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Facilities: Facilities score

Clinic has not yet provided us with data on it's facilities. To ensure you choose the right clinic, you can ask your doctor about:

  • Is Philippe Maffrand Ets using all necessary state-of-art technology for the treatment on premises in Noisy-le-Grand, Île-de-France, France?
  • Has staff been properly trained to use the medical equipment?
  • What is the purpose & accuracy of diagnostic testing?
  • Are there any associated risks with using these facilities?

Services: Services score

We are still missing data on Philippe Maffrand Ets services. To get the best care available, always ask about:

  • Is there is a patient manager who will guide you throughout the treatment?
  • Are prices clearly communicated and is pricing transparent?
  • What is the average satisfaction of the past patients?
  • Has there been any litigation for Philippe Maffrand Ets clinic in the past?
  • How do you address & help mitigate side-effects of the treatment?
  • What is the proposed aftercare plan?