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  • Are the doctors onsite certified for their treatment specialties?
  • How many of such treatments does a clinic per year in Paris, Île-de-France, France?
  • When was this clinic founded? How many years of experience does it have?

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3 months ago

Bonjour, j'y suis allé pour le traitement d'une petite pelade le 21 février 2017. Perturbé par le préjudice esthétique et la gêne, le Dermatologue a pris le temps de me répondre et m'a proposé un traitement thérapeutique adapté. La prise en charge est très sérieuse avec un réel suivi, par ailleurs c'est un médecin humble et proche des gens. Cela représente un certain coût mais il y a une qualité que je n'ai pas trouvé ailleurs. Je vous le recommande.

About 3 years ago

Dermatologue compétent, soucieux de porter un diagnostic précis et de prescrire un traitement réellement efficace... J'ai beaucoup apprécié cela car j'avais... Read more at Yelp.com.

Source: Yelp
About 6 years ago

I was referred to Dr. Abimelec by another Doctor in Los Angeles, California, who highly recommended him. I was only visiting Paris briefly, yet upon emailing Dr. Abimelec he immediately fit me into his busy schedule. He needed to perform surgery on my face, which he did with the finest technology and skill and an absolutely excellent result. He was sensitive and considerate to my fears and concerns. He is an outstanding Physician and Surgeon. Although the most important to me was to get a good result, the prices charged were very fair. I would consider traveling to Paris simply to have Dr. Abimelec handle my dermatological needs anytime. Sincerely, Kristin Turner

Over 7 years ago

When I contacted Dr. Abimelech, I described the condition and scheduled an appointment. He recognized the problem based on my description. Not only are his diagnostic skills excellent, but he backs them up with scientific testing to confirm his conclusions. He took an unprecedented amount of time explaining the diagnosis and prescribed treatment. He consulted with numerous colleagues on our behalf and provided us with all the research and documentation that we requested so that we could become educated and satisfied. He is always promptly available to us, no matter how many questions we may have. I have never been treated by such a thorough and caring physician. Dr. Abimelech also speaks perfect English!

About 2 months ago

I wish I could give - 0 stars but I am forced to give at least one star in order to post my comment. This doctor is fake and a crook. He is only interested in prescribing dangerous medicine without bothering to LISTEN what your problem is. He charges 150€ for 3 minutes just to give you a generic prescription to make profit. Stay away from him. He has no clue and is a con artist. Dishonest doctors empty of conscious are common these days. You have better chance at googling your issues, than going to see this crook. STAY AWAY

2 months ago

Horrible doctor. Stay away from him. Firstly he charges 150€ which is twice the normal visit and only half of this amount is reimbursed by private and public health insurance in France. Then his nurse took me to a room and used this high tech machine (This machine is used as his toy and his poor excuse for the over priced visit). They refused to look at the blood test results I had taken with me and my opinion on what the cause sudden hair loss might be we all know our own bodies best). He did not even come near me to examine the scalp or see the blood test results. Straight away he prescribed Rogaine which is a life long temporary treatment for "male pattern baldness" (with loads of side effects which he did not want to get into) and I am a young girl and am sure 10000% that the sudden hairless coincided with the recent use of electronic cigarettes/vaping. He did not even want to listen and look at the ingredients of the eLiquid bottle. The Rogaine/minoxidil he prescribed had a different name as it was his own concoction of the same drug which would mean all profits would go straight to him. So in fact this doctor does not care about the cause or status of your hairloss/skin issues. He is a con man who is hand in hand with the pill and drug mills and has a huge cut every time he prescribe a drug that has nothing to do with your condition. These drugs need to be used for the rest of someone's life and has too many terrible side effect (such as causing men to become infertile, hair growth on face, etc..) and is a temporary solution meaning as soon as you stop, you get the issue back two folds. Regardless of the patient and their issues, he prescribes the same stuff. I called him out on it so he locked the door and demanded me to pay for my visit in full and leave. Since then i stopped vaping and my hair is full and shiny again. People do not fall into their vicious loop. Tobacco companies are hand in hand with pharmaceutical companies and con doctors like DR. Abimelec make a living out of our trust and addictions. He advised me not to stop vaping !!!!!!!!! Well of course he would as he gets a piggy back ride on the fact that vaping cause hairloss and in turn he gets to sell his magic potion !!!! Stay safe and open your eyes.

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  • Is Philippe Abimelec using all necessary state-of-art technology for the treatment on premises in Paris, Île-de-France, France?
  • Has staff been properly trained to use the medical equipment?
  • What is the purpose & accuracy of diagnostic testing?
  • Are there any associated risks with using these facilities?

Services: Services score

We are still missing data on Philippe Abimelec services. To get the best care available, always ask about:

  • Is there is a patient manager who will guide you throughout the treatment?
  • Are prices clearly communicated and is pricing transparent?
  • What is the average satisfaction of the past patients?
  • Has there been any litigation for Philippe Abimelec clinic in the past?
  • How do you address & help mitigate side-effects of the treatment?
  • What is the proposed aftercare plan?

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