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Dental clinic in Mount Gravatt, Australia. | 4 reviews


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Post on behalf of Mr Baker...... Hi, I am a former patient ...

Post on behalf of Mr Baker......


I am a former patient of Paul Trembath, in my early 50s; I don’t have a Google Account, but I have given permission for my Email Review to be published.

I have been with Paul since 2005 until early 2017, and am now an ex-patient as I’m leaving Australia next month.

When I arrived in Australia I already had multiple crowns on my teeth, and felt I needed a surgeon better than average. I examined all of the advertisements for the other dentists in nearby suburbs (approx. 10-15), and the thing that particularly appealed to me is that Paul continues his education by attending ongoing courses. Either none, or very few other dentists stated that they did likewise; I can’t remember now, as it was so long ago, but I know it was very uncommon. And as I had no desire to ring other dentists and question them about their education, I decided to give Paul a try – because it made me feel better to know he is a person who is continuing his education in order to take better care of his patients.

That was a good (calculated) move by me . Paul has taken excellent of my teeth and my dental hygiene. I have been 100% satisfied with the dental care I have received over the last 12 years. In all these 12 years, I have never had any problems getting urgent or scheduled appointments, or any “weird” issues with unexpected payment amounts – as reported by one other so-called Reviewer.

I would very happy recommend Paul to any family who cares for the dental health of their family, and wants a dentist whose moral nature is such that he feels it important to continue his education to ensure that you get the very best care.

Mike Baker, 2017 March

By Kellie (Published ago on )
I paid my first visit to this friendly dental staff today and...

I paid my first visit to this friendly dental staff today and was so impressed. Dr Trembath treated me. I found him highly skilled, very empathetic and caring, making me feel confident and comfortable throughout the visit. As a result, all my old dental phobia was gone! I will definitely be going back in the future.

By Google (Published ago on )
My family have been patients here for a number of years and w...

My family have been patients here for a number of years and we are really happy with it. It's a quality practice and I know that we always get professional care and advice and the staff are great. I am especially impressed by the way the kids have been looked after. They have always been unfazed about a dentist visit, so well done Paul and team! I have never before posted a review, but wanted to share my comments. Just don't agree with the previous review - I know we are getting value AND quality.

By Suzie (Published ago on )
I feel absolutely short changed. I went to see this dentis...

I feel absolutely short changed.

I went to see this dentist hoping to be well care for professionally. The first visit I have charged $154, even though when I called it was only to cost $54 for an assessment.

I was told I had gum disease. I went to the second visit. I ended up paying $289 from $170 there abouts, when I asked the cost for their hygienist to clean my teeth.

After the second visit, I was told about a treatment plan which would cost me a further $600. Fustrated, I looked for another dentist. I have been able to pay most of the costs from my private insurance.

It is very nasty for dentists to take advantage of us in this way. I have never written a review of any organisation before. But I wanted to save others from my expereince.

By Matthew (Published ago on )
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