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Visit Paul Braaton, Md Orthomed Center clinic, which ranks in Top 5080 Orthopedics clinics in United States. With the GCR score of 1.9/5 it belongs to the top orthopedics clinics in Modesto, United States. 100.0% of 7 patients were satisfied with the treatment at this orthopedics clinic.

Accreditation: Unaccredited

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Expertise: Expertise score 2.1/5 (-28% vs country avg) )

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Feedback: Feedback score 3.2/5 (+9% vs country avg) )

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Latest reviews

23 days ago

Awesome doctors here, since I walked through the doors here and introduced myself I have seen nothing but awesome staff and doctors. I have the utmost respect for Br. Braaton as a professional. I will refer my patients here for great care.

Over 5 years ago

I was uninsured! They did everything they could to help me. If you have any problems in their field, please, do not hesitate to go here. They are simply amazing.

6 months ago

Will never go here again. I'm 25 years later old in need of a serious hip replacement. But just because "I'm too young" they won't give me the surgery. Went to the ER the other day and they tell me if I don't get surgery soon my bone will crack and break and I'll become pretty much paralyzed. So screw this place.

Over 1 year ago

Worse place ever. My son broke his leg and they cast it. Went back 5 weeks later they take it off put a boot on him that's suppose to only be on for 2 weeks. 3 weeks later after leaving several messages about when he's suppose to have it off and telling them he needs physical therapy. A week later get a call from them to tell me how our insurance has changed so they will no longer see him there. You always would wait for 2 hours just to be seen. The staff is always talking it seems they never do their job. Thank god we got him in with a child specialist just to make sure it even grew back right because now we didn't trust anything they did.

Over 1 year ago

Worst experience I have ever had! Saw Dr Purnell's assistant for shoulder pain who gave me a cortisone shot and instructions to strengthen my shoulder to prepare for blasting of calcium deposits. He told me to make an appt with Dr Purnell in 6 weeks to meet him. During appointment and when I was waiting inside room I could hear him dropping the F bomb to someone out there before he came into my room. Once he finally came in and asked how my shoulder was feeling and I told him pain almost gone, he said, "so you came in for just an education?" In a rude tone. I almost lost it.... Here his assistant was preparing me for surgery and just bc the physical therapy worked (yet the calcium still needed to be blasted) he acted like I was wasting his time - even handled my shoulder roughly. I walked out fuming. Very unprofessional and a jerk! Will never return or recommend this place.

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Facilities: Facilities score 1.1/5 (-64% vs country avg) )

Patients rate their satisfaction with clinic facilities on average 3.29/5.

Services: Services score 0.7/5 (-75% vs country avg) )

Patients rate their satisfaction with staff communication at the clinic on average 3.29/5.

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