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About 5 years ago

I was uninsured! They did everything they could to help me. If you have any problems in their field, please, do not hesitate to go here. They are simply amazing.

Over 4 years ago

Dr. Paul Braaton is a arrogant jerk. He performed an unsuccesful subtalor arthrodesis on my right ankle. The office staff is always stressed and disgruntled. They are alway running 45 minutes to an hour late. The inner door does not have an automatic door opener. This is unbelievable considering how many patients are coming in on crutches and can barely open the door for themselves. I recently went to Dr. Brandon Tullis just down the street at Sutter. He was amazing. He is kind and very knowledable. He performed a revision on my ankle at it was 100% succesful. I think Ortho Med Center is horrible.

5 months ago

Will never go here again. I'm 25 years later old in need of a serious hip replacement. But just because "I'm too young" they won't give me the surgery. Went to the ER the other day and they tell me if I don't get surgery soon my bone will crack and break and I'll become pretty much paralyzed. So screw this place.

Over 1 year ago

Worse place ever. My son broke his leg and they cast it. Went back 5 weeks later they take it off put a boot on him that's suppose to only be on for 2 weeks. 3 weeks later after leaving several messages about when he's suppose to have it off and telling them he needs physical therapy. A week later get a call from them to tell me how our insurance has changed so they will no longer see him there. You always would wait for 2 hours just to be seen. The staff is always talking it seems they never do their job. Thank god we got him in with a child specialist just to make sure it even grew back right because now we didn't trust anything they did.

Over 1 year ago

Worst experience I have ever had! Saw Dr Purnell's assistant for shoulder pain who gave me a cortisone shot and instructions to strengthen my shoulder to prepare for blasting of calcium deposits. He told me to make an appt with Dr Purnell in 6 weeks to meet him. During appointment and when I was waiting inside room I could hear him dropping the F bomb to someone out there before he came into my room. Once he finally came in and asked how my shoulder was feeling and I told him pain almost gone, he said, "so you came in for just an education?" In a rude tone. I almost lost it.... Here his assistant was preparing me for surgery and just bc the physical therapy worked (yet the calcium still needed to be blasted) he acted like I was wasting his time - even handled my shoulder roughly. I walked out fuming. Very unprofessional and a jerk! Will never return or recommend this place.

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