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About Musmar Qais F, Dds

Visit Musmar Qais F, Dds dental clinic in Alexandria, United States - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

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Over 2 years ago

I'm 52yo and have searched long and hard for a dentist like Qais, (pronounced...after many attempts...lol..."Kice"). He's like a brother to me. He's affable, professional, competent and does NOT lecture!. He offers, for dental-phobic peeps like me, conscious sedation. I actually look forward to coming to his practice....this is unheard of...even after 2 root canals! Please give him a chance! Don't let your mouth hurt anymore because you are concerned that you will be berated. Just my opinion. Ray

5 months ago

I have been a patient at Reflection Dental for about 5 years. I have had a good experience over the years. On my last visit, I asked if my insurance was verified & they said yes I was eligible for x-ray and cleaning too. Cleanings are covered 100%. I started getting bills for 189.00. I called and they informed me that I had been cancelled by my ex, even though I was supposed to be covered thru may 2017. If I had known that I was dropped, I wouldn't have gotten the cleaning until I resolved my insurance problems. I called the office about my bill to see if they would reduce the rate since I was told wrong information . They said they would call me about my bill. I never got a call. I got a letter yesterday, I was sent to collections. I called and they said they try to check insurance, but don't always have time. If they told me to check it myself, I would have checked myself. I have worked hard to keep my credit strong. I would never not pay a bill. I paid my bill in full today. They got my 189.00. That will be the last money they take from me. I have spent a lot keeping myself and my daughters teeth in good shape. I don't like how it was handled so impersonally. I called to ask for a email or voice mail of Dr Musmar, they said he didn't have one. Really? Doesn't have one? I wouldn't be on Google review , had I gotten a email or given a chance to leave a voice mail. I didn't want something for free, I just wanted them to own up to not checking the insurance and not following up with my bill. My last bill was over 3,000.00. They lost a patient over 189.00??? Not a smart way to do business.

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  • Is Musmar Qais F, Dds using all necessary state-of-art technology for the treatment on premises in Alexandria, Virginia, United States?
  • Has staff been properly trained to use the medical equipment?
  • What is the purpose & accuracy of diagnostic testing?
  • Are there any associated risks with using these facilities?

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We are still missing data on Musmar Qais F, Dds services. To get the best care available, always ask about:

  • Is there is a patient manager who will guide you throughout the treatment?
  • Are prices clearly communicated and is pricing transparent?
  • What is the average satisfaction of the past patients?
  • Has there been any litigation for Musmar Qais F, Dds clinic in the past?
  • How do you address & help mitigate side-effects of the treatment?
  • What is the proposed aftercare plan?

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