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I had treatment at Kreativ several years ago and am happy to ...

I had treatment at Kreativ several years ago and am happy to report the teeth are still looking good. I initially went over thinking I wanted one implant for a tooth that had broken and could not take a crown. I had a top plate from my UK dentist to fill the gap and I hated it. My confidence plummeted and I just did not want to speak or smile.
The amazing Dr Pilihaci said it would be much better to have the whole top set of teeth crowned and a bridge made to fill the gap as one implant would eventually stand out against the adjoining teeth with age, red wine etc... I was worried he was just talking the job up pricewise but having taken his advice I am so glad I went with it.
I was thrilled with my improved look and ability to grin broadly again. I always recommend Kreativ when anyone I know says they need major work. The cost is so much better in Budapest and these guys are experts in a state of the art clinic.
Such a beautiful and fascinating city I may not have visited otherwise.

By Yvonne (Published ago on )
I was very happy with my visit to Kreativ Dental in Budapest ...

I was very happy with my visit to Kreativ Dental in Budapest recently. I had read about the clinic in the paper and I finally got the courage to book myself in for a consultation. Mary Flanagan, the Irish representative, was so helpful when I called her. Having been a past patient herself, she really put my mind at ease and knowing she would be flying over the same weekend I was, made me feel calmer. When I got to the clinic, the staff were very friendly. I was impressed with the facilities at the clinic, particularly the waiting room which has an aquarium and internet tablets - it's very modern. The dental specialist for my consultation talked me through any treatment I would need and what I particularly liked was the fact he was very honest. He told me I would not need a lot of treatment and gave me a written breakdown of costs which Mary then talked through with me. There's no pressure put on you to go ahead with the treatment, you can think about it overnight or while you go exploring beautiful Budapest, but you can book it in there and then either. I'd highly recommend visiting the clinic and I look forward to returning.

By Caoimhe (Published ago on )
We cannot thank you all enough at Kreativ Dental Clinic Budap...

We cannot thank you all enough at Kreativ Dental Clinic Budapest, the level of professionalism and care which we received was first class. We did not expect our teeth to look so amazing and yet, totally natural....almost has if the clock had been turned back in time. We would recommend to anyone and everyone. Absolutely fantastic!

By Robert (Published ago on )
Having just returned from the Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budape...

Having just returned from the Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest I feel compelled to write a review.
I attended the clinic to have a consultation regarding dental work - staying just one night and returning to Ireland the next day.
My experience was a pleasure - from start to finish. The airport transfer was very smooth, the hotel accommodation top class and the staff at the clinic could not have been more helpful and polite - explaining every part of the procedure and the cost involved in detail and with perfect English.
The atmosphere at the clinic itself is relaxed and warm with comfortable chairs, a roof-top coffee shop and a lift.I felt very much at home and not in any way intimidated.
In addition the cost of the treatment is 70 per cent less than I was quoted at home in Ireland and I'm informed it can be claimed back in tax.
I am very much looking froward to returning to Kreativ and beginning my dental treatment. So far I really cannot recommend it more highly.

By Erin (Published ago on )
I did not have the work done at Kreativ. I did have a free ex...

I did not have the work done at Kreativ. I did have a free exam and quote. They did pick me up at the airport and put me a Hotel just down the street from the Clinic. Hotel was not great, but it would do for one night. My exam was a bit rushed and they never looked at the special CT scan I had done in another country. They told me it looked as if I could only have 4 implants in my top jaw, but they might have to have a bone graft or sinus lift. Mind you, I had the natural teeth still there. They were not infected but were crowned and in bad shape. They recommended I have a denture supported by 4 implants so I could take them out for cleaning myself vs a permanently attached bridge. If I wanted a permanent bridge I would have to have 6 top implants they said. But again, a bone graft or sinus lift would be required. Since my natural teeth were still there, A clinic in the country where I had the CT scan done told me my bone looked OK. I had made appointments in 2 other Dental clinics in Budapest so I told Kreativ I would let them know. I had exams in the other 2 clinics and ultimately made a choice in one of those. I am from the US, but I was living in Ireland at the time. I have Dual citizenship. I returned to my home in Ireland and had the top natural teeth extracted and a temporary denture made there near home. Cost was not much more than Budapest. Then 4 months later returned to Budapest and had the top 4 implants done and stitched up. After only one day more I flew back to Ireland and 7 days later had my Irish Dentist remove the stitches and reline the denture. Then I decided to also have the bottom done the same way. I was back in the US for a few weeks and had my family Dentist extract all the remaining bottom teeth and make a temporary denture. 4 months later I returned to Budapest and had the top jaw removable denture made and installed. During the same time, the bottom 4 implants were done. I remained in Budapest for 2 weeks as I had other things to do. I returned 4 months later for the bottom removable denture to be done. Total time was 11 months. Yes, a long wait, but well worth it. I think Kreativ was OK, but I think they might be a bit greedy if one is not careful. Their building and facilities are first class, but I cannot attest to the quality of their work as I did not have any done there. But they were good about picking up and providing the hotel and I thank them for that. But "BUYER BE AWARE" before you go there as to what you really need. A session with you home dentist might be wise before you go and make any decisions.

By Jon (Published ago on )
I took up the offer for a free consultation and experienced m...

I took up the offer for a free consultation and experienced mixed feelings. The pick up service at the airport is good. The pick up service from 4star Danubius Arena was however, a bit chaotic. My hubby flew in with me and they did not include him in during our initial visit to the clinic. We had to take a taxi, which was fine as it is not too pricey, but the attitude was something which we did not expect. At the clinic, everything went well. It´s comfortable and everyone is friendly and efficient. The logistic arrangement part especially the hotel they tie up with is a big let down. The mattress was so bad - spring was broken one side, we both did not have a good night sleep. We flew back anxiously waiting for the costing plan and got a shock. They proposed 24 implants, 12 for my upper and 12 for me lower for my dental treatment. I replied them asking why do I need 24 implants costing close to 30K euro in my mouth? It had been a week and I have not heard from them.

By Lianne , Germany (Published ago on Gcr star )
I was in budapest on business and had an acute problem with a...

I was in Budapest on business and had an acute problem with a tooth that turned out to require a root canal. KD quickly assessed the problem and turned around a 2-step procedure professionally in one week. I'm very happy with the result.

By Chris , United States (Published ago on Gcr star )
I have only praise for the kreativ dental team. i have now ha...

I have only praise for the Kreativ Dental Team. I have now had three visits to Kreativ for implants, a tooth extraction and caps. With
transport to and from the airport and hotel accommodation organised, much of the stress of travel is already alleviated. The atmosphere
in the clinic is pleasant, calm and relaxing. The staff are approachable, patient, friendly and professional, readily answering all
questions. I have always felt a little nervous at the prospect of any dental surgery. However, I was soon put totally at ease and
relaxed by the reassuring manner, easy humour, care and professionalism of Dr Magos and Dr Patonay. Their smoothly efficient and skilful
approach enabled relatively quick and virtually painless implant procedures and tooth removal. As a microbiologist I was impressed by
the surgical preparation and careful attention to cleanliness and disinfection. Post-surgical care is carefully explained and after
three implant procedures I have never had any post-operative complications and my gums have always healed well and quickly. I am very
pleased with how the treatment has progressed and wish to convey my thanks to the teams who have treated me. I have just one more visit
for the remaining caps and restoration of a full set of teeth. I’m looking forward to a much more comfortable eating experience and
being able to smile widely without gaping voids. I have, without hesitation, recommended Kreativ Dental to friends – at a much lower
cost than in the UK, they can be confident of professional dentistry with the additional bonus of beautiful Budapest.

By Ren , United Kingdom (Published ago on Gcr star )
I am terribly dissatisfied with this clinic.i don't understan...

I am terribly dissatisfied with this clinic.I don't understand why there aren't more negative reviews.There were several other unhappy clients when i was there. I went for getting a bridge done in March 2014 and the whole experience was a bit of a disaster. I was not met at the airport by staff as i should have been and when i rang the number there was no answer as it was Saturday and i got to the hotel on my own. I was told that my treatment could be completed in a week but when i arrived i was told i need to make a second visit, which i cannot do. I had my appointment moved from Monday to Tuesday and had to make a fuss to get moved back to Monday. I never knew when i was doing in for what or for how long. Basically you show up sit down and they get working, no explanation was given as to when when and how long the procedure would be or what my expectations were. Bad manners by the dentist to say the least. I went for a temporary solution and when i said it doesn't look/feel right i kept on being told that this was temporary. It is not as i won't have time off for several months. Finally the cost was much more than i expected and could have gotten it done cheaper here in Italy which makes this a total waste of time. Also i month later my 'temporary solution' is very badly stained and it looks very embarrassing.

By Clark , Italy (Published ago on Gcr star )
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