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Dr. Kim and his team are absolutely amazing! They made the pr...

Dr. Kim and his team are absolutely amazing! They made the process of getting Invisalign, dare I say, enjoyable. Never thought I'd look forward to... Read more at Yelp.com.

By Lena (Published ago on Yelp )
Invisalign is definitely a process that still dawns question ...

Invisalign is definitely a process that still dawns question and doubt. However, Dr. Kim's expertise and incredible staff erased any concerns that I originally had, and have made my Invisalign process a life-changing experience. To say that Dr. Kim and his staff are extremely kind and proficient is an understatement. They have turned what may have been a very intricate process into a flexible and simple one that meets your desires. It has been approximately a year since I started my Invisalign journey, and many have already come to notice significant changes in my smile thanks to Dr. Kim's guidance and plan of action. Even if you are away from the island most of the year like myself (college), Dr. Kim has paid close attention to detail in making sure that I continue to have a smooth and efficient Invisalign process.

I would recommend Kim Orthodontics to all of my family and friends. Dr. Kim and his staff are genuine individuals who wants to work with you to achieve your goals! If you ever decide that you want to try anything from straightening your teeth to achieving your perfect smile, I would highly recommend speaking with Dr. Kim.

By Joshua (Published ago on )
Dr. Kim and his staff are a very professional team, with a we...

Dr. Kim and his staff are a very professional team, with a welcoming, friendly, and approachable attitude. Their office has such a welcoming atmosphere, too. I am now in the 10th month of my Invisalign treatment, and I am extremely happy about the treatment I've received from Dr. Kim and his staff. I had an open bite, and before I saw Dr. Kim I visited two other orthodontists and one dentist. Those orthodontists recommended I have jaw surgery before starting any treatment! One even suggested cutting in half some of my bridge work, so his treatment suggestion would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars before I even started the orthodontic work he recommended!
So, Dr. Kim was the third orthodontist I visited. He listened to my concerns, and then explained so well what the treatment involved, including through use of some software to show me how the treatment would progress. He also said there was no need at all for any jaw surgery, or to cut my bridgework, and that he could treat my open bite with Invisalign. The other orthodontists said they couldn't fix my open bite with Invisalign!
Since starting the Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kim I have hardly had any problems with eating, and have rarely felt discomfort or pain. When I call the office to ask a question, Cathy has always been able to answer right away. I am absolutely satisfied with the outcome so far, and the quality of work. I can bite and chew food in ways I have never been able to. This clinic provides outstanding customer service, too. I am not a native speaker, and I sometimes I am a bit hesitant to ask questions, but I have never felt awkward asking questions in Dr. Kin's surgery because of the atmosphere they create. I know they must be busy seeing many patients, but they really do listen to their patients. I absolutely recommend Dr. Kim and his staff. Dr. Kim and his staff are the best among all the medical professionals I've dealt with in this country. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who is looking for orthodontic treatment. I wish I could see a doctor like him in other fields.

By Akemi (Published ago on )
I was recommended to go to Dr. Kim by my cousin. In 2009 I h...

I was recommended to go to Dr. Kim by my cousin. In 2009 I had braces and I love how my teeth shifted and how the results were. Early 2015 , I have come back to have my overbite looked at. Dr. Kim recommended invisalign and I am happy with the results so far :) my overbite is now more closed and still going to see Dr. Kim , Faye , and Kathy. I am very happy with Dr. Kim and his staff , Dr. Kim is always happy and smiling and giving a warm hug when he welcomes me in and before I leave the office ^_^
Thank you Dr. Kim for giving me the perfect smile ❤ and Faye and Kathy for helping me with my appointments and walking me in

By Lynn (Published ago on )
Seriously the best group of professionals. My treatment has b...

Seriously the best group of professionals. My treatment has been so great and the staff is so caring. Dr. Kim has changed my smile completely with my braces and I can't ever thank him enough!

By Sonia (Published ago on )
Strongly not recommended. If one wants his/her kid to have t...

Strongly not recommended. If one wants his/her kid to have the worst 2 to 3 years of his/her life, this is the guy to call. I have seen many reviews saying "cheerful and friendly", but my kid has never described this experience in such a way. The doctor prolonged my sons treatment by refusing to tighten the braces anymore by pleading,"I don't want to make it hurt". Its braces. Of course it's going to hurt and feel uncomfortable regardless, but tightening it more would save me appointments and money. That's just the business side of things, personally he openly called my kid incompetent and a nuisance. My child steps out of that office feeling more aggrevated than the last. Here is just a little glimpse of the truth, because sometimes only 5 star ratings make you wonder:"Is it too good to be true?" In this case, yes. Read this comment quickly because it'll like get taken down in the near future. (Fun fact: you can't write a review on his website if you don't recommend it)

By John (Published ago on )
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