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I had VSG Surgery with KCM as an English speaking patient. I ...

I had VSG Surgery with KCM as an English speaking patient.
I have been to private hospitals and clinics before and this operation is just as professional as private hospitals I have visited here in the UK.
Bare in mind this is a Polish clinic so much of the staff do not speak English, this can make communication difficult, this in no way makes them any less professional at what they do.
Now I am over a week from my operation and I feel very well in myself and have had no complications at all.
I am very happy I chose to undergo this surgery with KCM.

By James (Published ago on )
I was operated from the Clinic on a Spine condition in July 2...

I was operated from the Clinic on a Spine condition in July 2017, however, I never improved from the pain I was having. My condition degenerated and became worst in September and had to be operated again elsewhere. I took this decision because I was not getting any help at all from KCM administrators. My request never attended to promptly yet I was in pain. The money I paid to be operated at KCM was a total loss. I think this was not fair at all on the part of KCM Management. I regretted having preferred them in my first treatment plan.

Walter Okello.

By Walter (Published ago on )

POOR COMMUNICATION AND VERY LONG WAITING TIMES. Monday 23rd arrived at 9am as requested but did not leave till gone 6pm with only doing 3 tests X-ray, blood tests, cardio tests and a consultation with the head of the clinic which her name goes by Dr Parshley who is a cardiologist which has nothing to do with my case but apparently is the process for getting seen in this clinic. The coordinator that was assigned to me was apparently the manager who started this job 3days prior so you think you give the guy a chance but had no sense of direction, poor communication between myself and was very quick to judge the company of all the wrongs and not knowing anything about me until 5mins after I arrived that morning which is one not professional and two not my problem as am a paying patient there for a reason. I am not coming to a country where I do not know how to speak the language and remove a organ without feeling sure and 100% certain. Which was the two things I felt least about. Like I previously stated had the test done as a pre assessment but the coordinator Maciek did not follow up on or wait/spend anytime with me the patient knowing I am from the UK and do not know any Polish so was already nervous but felt stressed out on top of that with the not knowing more so. Tuesday was a much more positive day as had another coordinator name Natalie who spent time, with good communication and told me exactly what was happening throughout the day and even helped filling the papers out which sounds so simple but when you don't understand the language there is so much Google translator can do. Friday 27th October 7am arrived the clinic and awaiting for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, 9am asked Maciek the coordinator what was going on to be told the surgeon was not even in the hospital, surgeon arrived and finally got spoken to at 11:15am, 4hours later by the surgeon name Dr Kowalski who's english speaking was great and explained everything properly who also stated in around 30mins i would be going into the theatre room and would be first patient to be operated once consent paperwork had been signed. So after some more waiting around 2:30pm i decided to pull out and cancel everything as you can understand it's the not knowing that gets the better of you. To only find out all the waiting around was to translate the papers in English that I had already signed for at 11ish once again poor communication. I do not need to worry about paperwork or payments the last thing before going under the knife as already nervous but do not need to be anxious or stress as well as the not knowing and no one speaking to you or telling you what was going on.

I can only recommend that you know exactly what is going on or when. With exact timeframes and non speaking Polish patients have your coordinator with you as your paying for this service so they should be with you every step of the way with minimal if not no waiting time at all.

By Kelvin (Published ago on )
KCM Clinic is one of the best private hospital in the heart o...

KCM Clinic is one of the best private hospital in the heart of Europe. I Personally suggest you may have your Bariatric and Plastic surgery @KCM with awesome environment and best friendly staff located in the center of Jelenia Gora - Poland.

By Shah (Published ago on )
I had gastric sleeve surgery at KCM Clinic, Poland. I cannot...

I had gastric sleeve surgery at KCM Clinic, Poland. I cannot fault this clinic from beginning to the end of my stay at KCM .The staff from drivers, admin, doctors, surgeon, everyone was just second to none. Questions were answered, fears understood, I had wonderful care and attention, we even shared great humour. The Clinic is very clean. They took all the hard work out of arrangements that needed to be made. I was picked up from the airport by my own personal driver, taken to the clinic, was immediately taken for multiple diagnostic tests, no stone unturned. I was informed what time my surgery would be, the surgeon came round to see me daily and answered any questions I might have had. All in all I can't praise this clinic highly enough, I'm so glad I chose KCM for my surgery, I will certainly be recommending it just as I have here. 11 out of 10!! If you are thinking of having bariatric surgery here, I say GO FOR IT! Really reasonable prices into the bargain!

By Bev (Published ago on )
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