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After visiting this dentist for a few years and being told th...

After visiting this dentist for a few years and being told that the pain in my mouth was "just because you have deep grooves" turned out to be a hairline crack that got infected leading to tooth loss.
This practice has odd opening times, virtually no contact details and no emergency number. I couldn't even make a complaint as they have no email address. I found that the times I did visit the dentist was quite condescending.

By Peter (Published ago on )
Disappointed. 1. Was struck off his nhs list when pregnant w...


1. Was struck off his nhs list when pregnant with painful back tooth, having failed to book a new appointment in time. 2 yrs later and still on waiting list.The pain turned out to be a huge cavity.
2. Treatment - in Romania- has revealed shoddy work: ALL fillings put in badly. Both amalgam and white ones. Have replaced three so far and discovered large cavaties underneath.
3. Insufficient advice. Amalgam fillings have been banned in many countries gor many years (including Romania). At Hamilton Pk I opted for amalgam fillings on two occasions because they were cheaper. I wasn't told that they are also very poisoness containing about 50% mercury whivh is dangerous causing illness. I wasnt warned that cavaties are more likely to develop under them than under white fillings.
4. I never once ever had my teeth properly cleaned. In Romania a hygenist took almost one hour to clean my teeth up, costing about £10 - amazing care.
At Hamilton Park the appointments were always very short. Nhs restraints perhaps?

It may be the government's fault for introducing flawed nhs systems. But I still wouldnt recommend this dentist to anyone, however nice he might seem.

I consider it a blessing in disguise that I got knocked off the NHS list at this practise, and that I couldn't get into any other nhs practise either, and that I can't afford private dental treatment in UK.

The private dentist in Romania is far superior and cheaper than NHS. Eg £25 to have an amalgam (mercury silver) filling removed, extensive decay underneath removed and a new white filling sculpted beautifully in the tooth - in an hour -long painless appointment with the dentist and assisting hygenist.

Flights to Romania are inexpensive and it's a beautiful country to visit as well. Ditto for Hungary. Why risk your health with nhs dental care? Especially if you need something major done like root canal or pivots and crowns - so much better and cheaper over there. They laugh about how dreadful the dentists in UK are.

I have no idea if going private gets us better treatment in UK, or if the government is at fault for restricting what is possible on nhs, but I wouldn't pay this Hamilton Pk dentist a million pounds to touch my teeth again.

By Meg (Published ago on )
I'm a regular at this practice. It doesn't look like much fro...

I'm a regular at this practice. It doesn't look like much from the outside but the dentist there is great. He's really thorough and picked up on issues my expensive private dentist didn't see. I wouldn't recommend the hygienist to the same degree - my session with him was painful and a little odd!

By Holly (Published ago on )
I've been living in the area for years and missed this gem of...

I've been living in the area for years and missed this gem of a practice, the exterior is unassuming so you make assumptions but wait until you get inside, it's of the highest quality, with up-to-the date equipment and the dentist was friendly, skilled and informative. Even though I had to pay for treatment I felt my money was well spent due to the knowledge I gained from the dentist - he answered all my inquisitive questions and taught me how to avoid more trips by giving some very useful tips and tricks - I even had to take notes! It did seem like I was in a classroom with an experienced professor, and now I feel I'm an expert in keeping my teeth healthy for life. This practice highly recommended!

By Jay (Published ago on )
Agree with the other review. Had a nightmare with a dentist ...

Agree with the other review.

Had a nightmare with a dentist on Church Street. Never judge a book by its cover... it might look vintage on the outside but the service, experience and skills are top rate.

Dentist explains everything as he is doing it. Communicates very clearly and is passionate about what he does. I do not get the over selling that other dentists undertake and his advice after the horror show that is the Church Street dentist was very comforting.

By Fung (Published ago on )
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