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Props to Vivian! I give them 5 stars instead of 2 because of ...

Props to Vivian! I give them 5 stars instead of 2 because of her.

Ok, so I go there to get new glasses, because I see they have good reviews on here. I admit I'm picky--who shouldn't be? You'll be stuck with them for a while! I find these frames that fit me, but they're in black and purple, which is totally the wrong color (for me). The female sales person says they're available in black and orange, to which I say "Perfect! I want them in black & orange!" because I've had orange glasses before and they were so, ME! So she says she's going to call around to other locations to see if they're available, while an older male sales person says "oh, no, they're not available anymore. You have to get the purple ones." :/ ... but anyways, days go by, so I go to the office to inquire about the status of my frames, and there's Vivian at the desk. This my first time meeting her, but I ask her what's up with my frames, to which she replies "no one has any in black and orange, but I can order them for you."

OMG! Why didn't anyone tell me that when I first went, instead of having me wait DAYS unnecessarily?! What's up with that?! I understand they're trying to get the inventory they have sold, but what happened to customer service?!

VIVIAN provided more than customer service! She was an advocate! Ask for her when you go, because I got my glasses, and they're FAB-U-LOUS!!---in black and orange! :P

Vivian is FAB-U-LOUS!

By Bones (Published ago on )
By Karin (Published ago on )
By Vivian (Published ago on )
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