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Visit Goodskin dermatology clinic in Clackamas, United States - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

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Expertise: Expertise score

GCR has not yet received sufficient expertise data from this clinic. To ensure you pick the right clinic you can ask one of the following questions:

  • Has the Goodskin been internationally accredited or received awards for medical its care?
  • How many years of experience has the staff? How long have they been working at the clinic? Which medical schools did they attend in Clackamas, Oregon, United States?
  • Are the doctors onsite certified for their treatment specialties?
  • How many of such procedures does a clinic per year in Clackamas, Oregon, United States?
  • When was this clinic founded? How many years of experience does it have?

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Latest reviews

About 2 months ago

I go to the one in Troutdale. I love Karen, she is amazing. She treats me with care and kindness and most of all patience. I get botox and she takes the... Read more at Yelp.com.

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9 months ago

Dr. Aanderud is the best in the whole wide universe! He is fast, affordable and knowledgeable! Operations that are super complicated and require multiple appointments with others, is a super easy to DR Aanderud who does them in a single appointment. Glad we have a real dermatologist that knows what he is doing, at the same time he understands us, the people, that cant afford insurance but forced to support ObamaNOcare ! Thank you Doctor Aanderud!

Over 1 year ago

Dr. Aanderud is the best dermatologist I have ever had. I went to other dermatologists for the past four years struggling with cystic acne on my face, chest and back, and nothing they did helped. Dr. Aanderud was able to see what my problem was quickly and prescribed accordingly, and just 6 months later my acne is pretty much completely gone. I now feel so confident about my skin, thanks to him! I highly recommend Dr. Aanderud and Goodskin Dermatology to anyone as they are very helpful and intelligent.

Almost 2 years ago

Dr. Aanderud is the best dermatologist I have found. He did my Botox a few times now and each time it is flawless. He is very skilled and even more than that I felt that he really listened to me to help me achieve exactly what I wanted. His staff is is very easy to work with too. I totally recommend this practice. You won't be disappointed.

5 months ago

Went in with my wife to have something checked during her appointment, was briefly checked as nothing was wrong. The doctor did not conduct a full body exam of my skin. The Dr. was pleasant and did good work on my wife. We have had a couple billing issues in the past so discussed them with the Dr., when we went to check out and the Dr. said that after paying we were paid in full and not to send us a new bill. We got another bill so we called in to discuss the bill and were met with a horrible attitude and terrible customer service. Janet R., the head of billing at the Clackamas location would not listen to my wife's explanation and when my wife did have a chance to speak, she was quickly interrupted and spoken to condescendingly and asked her age. She asked to speak to someone else and was put on permanent hold.

Over 1 year ago

What a waste of money and time. Yes I got an appointment the next day but it was a joke. Needed a general checkup for sun exposure. Instead got less that a two minute exam of entire body where she was two feet away at most times, never even examined my bald scalp, and could not of rushed any faster. Never had an exam take less than 15 minutes at other places and every other doctor actually used a magnification device to inspect stuff. I'll be making another appointment with another company. You will spend more time putting on sunscreen than getting an examination here.

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Facilities: Facilities score

Clinic has not yet provided us with data on it's facilities. To ensure you choose the right clinic, you can ask your doctor about:

  • Is Goodskin using all necessary state-of-art technology for the treatment on premises in Clackamas, Oregon, United States?
  • Has staff been properly trained to use the medical equipment?
  • What is the purpose & accuracy of diagnostic testing?
  • Are there any associated risks with using these facilities?

Services: Services score

We are still missing data on Goodskin services. To get the best care available, always ask about:

  • Is there is a patient manager who will guide you throughout the treatment?
  • Are prices clearly communicated and is pricing transparent?
  • What is the average satisfaction of the past patients?
  • Has there been any litigation for Goodskin clinic in the past?
  • How do you address & help mitigate side-effects of the treatment?
  • What is the proposed aftercare plan?

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