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Visit Gibbs Rachel L Md clinic, which ranks in Top 3760 Obstetrics - Gynaecology clinics in United States. With the GCR score of 1.5/5 it belongs to the top obstetrics - gynaecology clinics in Tulsa, United States. 100.0% of 6 patients were satisfied with the treatment at this obstetrics - gynaecology clinic.

Accreditation: Unaccredited

Only the top obstetrics - gynaecology clinics that have proven to be above international standards can qualify to be GCR Accredited.

Expertise: Expertise score 1.5/5 (-20% vs country avg) )

GCR has not yet received sufficient expertise data from this clinic. To ensure you pick the right clinic you can ask one of the following questions:

  • Has the Gibbs Rachel L Md been internationally accredited or received awards for medical its care?
  • How many years of experience has the staff? How long have they been working at the clinic? Which medical schools did they attend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States?
  • Are the doctors onsite certified for their treatment specialties?
  • How many of such treatments does a clinic per year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States?
  • When was this clinic founded? How many years of experience does it have?

Feedback: Feedback score 3.3/5 (+82% vs country avg) )

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About 5 years ago

Dr. Gibbs is truly the best OB-GYN I have ever been to, and I have been to several. She was the only doctor who listened to my concerns and found out I... Read more at Yelp.com.

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Over 6 years ago

Dr Gibbs is wonderful!! Been seeing her for over 12 years.

5 months ago
About 4 years ago

We saw her years ago and I am not going to mention here what was said or exactly what happened because it is too personal but a common birth defect of the reproductive system, my daughter had to see her for this when she was 17 and in high school. She had never had sexual intercourse and also had never been to a Gynecologist before. We are Baptists and we have good christian morals, I didn't get this from her, mot judging though, but what we did get was cold, unfeeling, uncaring and PRETENTIOUS about how I should be aware now that my daughter will suddenly start wanting to have sex now. I couldn't believe she was even saying this.

About 7 years ago

At this office, they provide a service, period. If all need is an annual once a year, and someone to fax your contraceptive perscription to your pharmacy, this is your place. Don't expect anyone to rememeber you by name, or even pretend to take an interest in who you are as an individual. I guess I am spoiled having grown up in a smaller city, where the doctors know you by name and ask you how school/work is going. To me those are factors that enhance the relationship with your doctor, and increases the trust you have in their abilities to treat you. With Dr. Gibbs, you're basically a number, and since the clinic is huge, appointments feel rushed. Its basically an assembly line. I finally switched to Hillcrest's Women's Clinic bc Dr. Gibbs staff called me to reschedule my appointment with her because was going out of town. This happened twice, and since they overbook all her appointments (assembly line, remember?) the next available slot was another 6 WEEKS away from my original appointment. Its pretty ridiculous, I just got fed up, so I switched.

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Facilities: Facilities score 0.6/5 (-69% vs country avg) )

Patients rate their satisfaction with clinic facilities on average 3.5/5.

Services: Services score 0.8/5 (-57% vs country avg) )

Patients rate their satisfaction with staff communication at the clinic on average 3.5/5.

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