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Gate Clinic

Dental clinic in Galway, Ireland. | 17 reviews


Visit Gate Clinic dental clinic in Galway, Ireland - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

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Only the top dental clinics that have proven to be above international standards can qualify to be GCR Accredited.

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Languages spoken at the clinic include English and Spanish.

Dr. Paul Moore
Dr. Ian Wellings
Dr. Paul Browne

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Fantastic experience with Claire, they hygienist. She has a w...

Fantastic experience with Claire, they hygienist. She has a warm friendly approach and is understanding with patient nerves! She takes the time to discuss treatment options and gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision while also taking the time to get to know you and build a relationship.

By Amy (Published ago on )
These guys are first rate old school professionals. Had to se...

These guys are first rate old school professionals. Had to see another dentist as i was away, for an emergency root canal, stopped them as it was agony and they were clearly incompetent. After the trauma i returned tentatively to the gate clinic who have done various work on my teeth before, always good. With the root canal, didn't feel a thing during or even after the anesthetic wore off. Perfect job done. Reasonably priced (for Ireland), worth not being in agony and good work being done too. CONFIDENTLY RECOMMENDED... Avoid charlatans with qualifications and dental drills in their hands they generally mean business.

By Mark (Published ago on )
Totally impressed with my visit to Gate Clinic, such friendly...

Totally impressed with my visit to Gate Clinic, such friendly staff who will give you the best of care. I was very happy with the price and quality of the work I had done and after over a year they are still perfect and you would never have guessed my teeth were in such terrible condition before! I have kept up my regular cleanings and check ups and have had nothing but great experiences every time!

By Emma (Published ago on )
Can't say enough good things. I always dreaded going to the d...

Can't say enough good things. I always dreaded going to the dentist and kept putting off a check up, and after going here I felt so silly for thinking like that! I was made to feel so comfortable and I'm so appreciative of the advice and recommendations I was given. Definitely coming back and I'm so happy to have finally found a dentist I feel secure returning to in galway, knowing I'm in such competent hands and I'm not being ripped off.

By Ashling (Published ago on )
This is the message I was sent from Dr.Paul Moore at Gate Cli...

This is the message I was sent from Dr.Paul Moore at Gate Clinic in Galway - a message which was clearly sent to keep a customer temporarily satisfied. I returned to Gate Clinic 3 days ago after undergoing a dental bonding procedure in 2013 to fill in a gap between my two front teeth and to fix a few other underlying issues. This procedure cost a ridiculously steep 600euro (150 for EACH SIDE of a tooth!!). Unfortunately, since then fairly significant chips have begun to show on these teeth and I felt a need to get it attended to under my supposed '5 year guarantee'. I booked in for a consultation with Dr.Moore expecting him to abide by this and to voluntarily step up and offer that he replace the bonding as he stated in the email which he sent to me. Instead, he talked about how he would recommend veneers for 1100euro, a stint because I grind my teeth for 1200euro and clearly stated that because I supposedly grind my teeth I’d have to get the bonding done every two years - costing me 600euro each time! Not once did he offer to ‘’replace them free of charge’’ as stated above. Instead he told me how it would be a nuisance and hard to do because he would have to take the previous bonding off to rebound the teeth - that isn’t my problem. All I wanted is to get them temporarily fixed up again before I can look at more long term solutions.

There is no way I would opted to get this done at the Gate Clinic if I had known that
I would be extremely unhappy with the results from day 1 (I had to move abroad so I couldn’t go back to tell them).
Absolutely NO aftercare advise would be given to me. In the door, got the procedure done and then paid my money - that was it. There was barely a shake of a hand!
I would be, in my opinion, lied to.

As aforementioned, I was and still am on a tight budget due to financial restrictions, so bonding is the perfect temporary solution for me before I can actually afford to pay for something more expensive and long-term such as veneers. To be given absolutely no choice with regard to getting it done again and to hear extreme contradictions about this supposed 5 year warranty has certainly solidified the fact that I will never return to the Gate Clinic again, even if I was to be offered it for free now. It was, all in all, a very bad experience. I will now be looking elsewhere to get Dr.Moore’s work redone.

By C (Published ago on )
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  • Has staff been properly trained to use the medical equipment?
  • What is the purpose & accuracy of diagnostic testing?
  • Are there any associated risks with using these facilities?

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  • Is there is a patient manager who will guide you throughout the treatment?
  • Are prices clearly communicated and is pricing transparent?
  • What is the average satisfaction of the past patients?
  • Has there been any litigation for Gate Clinic clinic in the past?
  • How do you address & help mitigate side-effects of the treatment?
  • What is the proposed aftercare plan?

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