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I have been a very happy customer and patient of Dr. Sherman ...

I have been a very happy customer and patient of Dr. Sherman for a few years now. I originally came to Dr. Sherman’s office for a very sensitive procedure that I needed to be accomplished. Long story short, I decided to get cosmetic veneers on my front teeth K9-K9, although they were beautiful and held up to my punishment for over 15 years it was time to have my teeth transition to a more permanent solution and ultimately a much more beautiful smile.
Dr. Sherman and his office are artists when it comes to your smile. The attention and passion that everyone in the office shares is evident even down to just a basic cleaning. Over the past 30 years, I have been to many different dentists as I have been relocated all over the country. I am so happy that I found Dr. Sherman’s office as I know I would NOT have received the same results as Dr. Sherman’s expertise and artistic eye. He works closely with his labs which is extremely important when executing cosmetic procedures and achieving the visionary results.
Dr. Sherman and his staff operate so efficiently they score an A+ in my book. He is not the type to nickel and dime the patient or the insurance company. Instead, he works with the patient to make sure they are getting the results they expect with minimal dollars out of pocket. To prove this point to you, I’ll provide an example.
After completing my 10 crowns with Dr. Sherman, I was due back for a checkup and was a little unhappy with one of my crowns. I pointed it out to him and at first sight, everything looked perfect. I continued to express that I feel like the crown was leaking and that was enough said. Dr. Sherman looked at me and said, “If you aren’t happy and feel like this crown needs to be replaced then I will take your word for it. Let’s take the crown off, order and a new one from the lab and replace it ASAP!”
The best part of that real-life example is that there was no cost to me. He ordered and new crown and set it for free, just to make sure I was happy and that his work was perfect. If you’ve had a crown in the past, you know just how expensive they are. This says a lot about his practice. The customer comes first and they will do everything possible to make sure you, the patient is happy.
From everyone that I have referred to Dr. Sherman, every single person comes back to me with rave reviews and how much they appreciated my referral to Dr. Sherman.
For what it’s worth, an immediate family member has been in the dental industry for 25+ years and she will tell anyone that Dr. Sherman is one of if not the best in the General Dentistry industry in Washington State.
I will be a lifetime patient of Dr. Sherman’s office and practice that he has built over the past 28+ years!
I trust that if you are looking for a great dentist and staff you will not be disappointed with Dr. Ron Sherman’s office.

By Jamie (Published ago on )
I have been going to First Impression for more than 6 years. ...

I have been going to First Impression for more than 6 years. I like the services overall, their assistant that helped with the anesthetic was great at what she was doing, when I had my two crowns and fillings done over the years. The previous hygienist Bekah, and current hygienist Joyce are both great, and pay attention to details in every step. Although in between I had about three years been switching around different hygienists, and I didn't like the inconsistency.

Dr. Sherman would give suggestions when he sees potential problem with my teeth. I appreciate he did not push for the treatment, when I wanted to wait a bit.

I would recommend First Impression for anyone who is looking for a new dentistry.

By Tina (Published ago on )
Dr Sherman is a caring, compassionate and extremely talented ...

Dr Sherman is a caring, compassionate and extremely talented dentist. He has been able to make both my husband and I extremely happy. Our teeth and gums are healthy. He has made our smiles the best they have ever been. He is very, very good at cosmetic dentistry and can make the worst mouths into the most beautiful mouths. He has put together a very efficient and organized office staff. All of his hygienists are are top notch and very gentle. He is honest and the best dentist you could hope to find.

By J (Published ago on )
Wow! What an awesome guy! I immediately liked Dr. Sherman the...

Wow! What an awesome guy! I immediately liked Dr. Sherman the minute I met him. He is warm, engaging, genuine, and caring. By far the coolest dentist I've ever had. His staff is great too! I signed up for a basic cleaning due to the close proximity of his office to my work, and I left feeling very content with my experience. Would absolutely recommend Dr. Sherman to anyone looking for a great dentist!

By Bo (Published ago on )
Dr. Ron Sherman and all of his staff are amazingly talented a...

Dr. Ron Sherman and all of his staff are amazingly talented and kind! They work very efficiently and always make sure you are comfortable. Dr. Sherman is conservative and never suggests procedures that you do not need. He and his office are very state of the art. I LOVE the fact that he doesn't make me wear one of those awful mouth dams that make me gag!!!! I have had a crown and silver filling replaced and it was painless. It has been the best dental experience I have had. Thank you First Impressions!!!!!

By Kevin (Published ago on )
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