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Latest reviews

Over 1 year ago

I have tremendous respect for Dr. Jones and the staff at Endo of the Rockies. I can honestly say that my first (and only, so far) root canal was one of the best dental experiences in my life. I recommend their office without reservation!

Over 1 year ago

I agree with Lewis. For me, having VA Health Insurance can sometimes be a pain with all the communication and paperwork required for referrals, but everything went through very smoothly. Went in filled out about 15 min worth of paperwork. They have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water to choose from. (If you have kids visit frequently then I would suggest a children's corner or end table with a few chairs. Its always nice as a parent to have something that entertains the kids, even if its just for 5 or 10 min.) So, I had a root canal and I thought it was going to be a painful recovery from what other people have said online about theirs (all from different areas of the US). I followed the recovery instructions and I had very minimal pain afterwards (I took some Ibuprofen for a few days and Tylenol III in between the times for the Ibuprofen). I felt they were very thorough, it was a clean environment (having bacteriology experience, I know that there was minimal exposure for opportunistic pathogens to cause infection), everyone was friendly, and made sure I was completely numb before the started the procedure, which felt like 20-25 min. The assistant was so fast at passing the Dr. the tools too! Thanks guys!! So nice for the pain to be gone!

Almost 2 years ago

I was a little worried after scheduling my consultation and reading some of the reviews online when searching for the website to fill out paperwork, but am pleased to report that everyone at Endodontics of the Rockies treated me exceptionally well and helped me through a tough situation. They worked me into the schedule the next day, made filling out paperwork online extremely easy so I could work a little more before my appointment, and even worked things around to provide treatment the same day so that I would not have to drive all the way back in and take another day off work. The team of Taylor and Dr Jones did extensive testing to determine the root cause of my pain and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. Now that the numbness has worn off, I can report how excited I was to take my first pain-free drink of cold water in months! I'm so excited to return to eating normally again! Thanks to everyone at Endodontics of the Rockies for helping make what could have been a rough experience smooth and painless!

About 1 year ago

Very rude and triedtried over charge me after telling me it was covered on my insurance.

Over 3 years ago

Medical professionals should be that. Professional.I have never been scared of the having work done until Dr Maines. If they had read my chart or asked even one simple question about the medical condition I listed in my chart, maybe things could have been a little better. Nobody in the office ever asked me about the cervical dystonia (a chronic pain condition of my neck) that was listed at least three times in my chart. After I sat down, I had to ask for eye protection when they shined the work light into my eyes. When he started to numb me, he moved so fast and hard that I was whimpering loudly. He asked if I could scream a little louder so the other patients could hear me. I ended up sobbing in pain and embarrassed about it. He left me in the chair to "get numb" while I tried to calm myself down. The assistant was kind but didn't apologize at all for Dr Maines' attitude. Then when I shrieked during drilling that it hurt, the doctor threw his hands up and said he would be right back. While I again calmed myself alone in the tiny little room, the anesthesia was already wearing off. After he said he couldn't do it without putting me under he prescribed a steroid. When I asked if I should have a antibiotic, he said he thought someone had told him I was on one and conceded to giving me one. Again. Could have read the chart. It was closed behind me while he talked to me. I was shocked at how callous and careless Dr Maines is. And don't get me started on the office that doesn't look like it has been cleaned in years. Dirty leaky windows, water damaged ceiling, it smelled slightly of must. At least the place is hard to find. It might actually be a benefit to society.

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