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Dealing with billing 6 months after opperation. Many mix ups ...

Dealing with billing 6 months after opperation. Many mix ups and communication issues with insurance company. Providers were great, billing department has me looking elsewhere for care next time.

By Michael (Published ago on )
Whom ever trains these empolyees on customer service need to ...

Whom ever trains these empolyees on customer service need to take their show on the road these people are polite and very very professional 32 year patient never 1 bad incident

By Todd (Published ago on )
I had an operation here and in the bill I was quoted an amoun...

I had an operation here and in the bill I was quoted an amount that I paid when I had the procedure done. 2 months after that I got a bill saying I still owed almost a thousand dollars. This was because they mishandled my insurance and I had to call both my dental and health insurance to get this sorted out. Another 8 months later I got another bill for over 200 dollars. This was due to them not properly calculating how much my dental insurance would cover. This visited cost me over a thousand dollars that I was quoted to only pay a little over 500. The surgery was fine but the billing is a nightmare. Be warned if you go here to check your bill and call your insurance ahead of time to make sure you don't get stuck with a bill you didn't expect.

By Brandon (Published ago on )
If I could give this zero stars, I would. I am a business ow...

If I could give this zero stars, I would. I am a business owner and made CarePlus Insurance available to my staff and thought I would also give it a shot (and if you don't know CarePlus is owned by Dental Associates, so you are required to go to Dental Associates). I come from an entire family of dentists (father, sister, cousin, uncle), but they are not located in Milwaukee, so I was hoping to find a regular, local dentist, and since I was making this available to my employees, I felt I should also try them out. This was a big mistake.

I literally got this insurance last week and made an appointment for today. I arrived and filled out the initial paperwork. I am pregnant, so I indicated as such on the forms. I am aware that being pregnant prevents me from getting x-rays, but apparently, Dr. Mahn will refuse to see pregnant women period because he is unable to get x-rays. At any rate, Dr. Mahn informed me that he can't see what's between my teeth without x-rays and that he can't do an exam without x-rays and that he can't clean my teeth without an exam, so essentially he couldn't see me period. I was refused service as a result.

I mentioned my family is full of dentists. I was also a dental assistant while in college in my 20s, and I can tell you this explanation from Dr. Mahn is actually completely false and isn't the standard of care, which I later confirmed with my family. There is no legal or ethical reason he couldn't perform an oral exam, clean my teeth and advise me of the potential issues of not being able to take x-rays. In fact, he arguably should have done this. I'm not going to get into a legal or ethical debate over this, but his refusal to provide treatment of any kind was, in my opinion, wrong.

What is particularly frustrating is that I purchased this insurance through CarePlus (which as I mentioned is an affiliate of Dental Associates), so they dictate where you have to be seen, which is of course Dental Associates. Yet when I go in, they refuse service. So I've now paid for insurance through Dental Associates (well, their affiliate) that they refuse to honor.

The worst part was Dr. Mahn's behavior. I could see him approach in a mirror on the wall and the assistant told him I am pregnant. He then rolled his eyes. He approached me, told me his name very lazily and didn't even offer to shake my hand. He just went into the reasons why he would not see me. He did say, however, that if I was in pain, he could see me and get x-rays with my doctor's permission. He said it twice and in a way that made me feel like he was telling me to just say I was in pain, which is completely unethical. When I explained that I really needed my teeth cleaned, he said "that's not my fault." He actually had the nerve to say that twice to me. I said that if he was ultimately saying he wouldn't treat me, I would leave and not come back, and he shrugged his shoulders, so I left.

The level of unprofessionalism from Dr. Mahn and Dental Associates is beyond anything I have ever seen. I should have known better than to go to an establishment that makes its money by providing extremely discounted services - a sacrifice will be made somewhere whether that's in quality, customer service or elsewhere (or all of the above). But I felt that if I am going to offer this as a benefit to employees, I should at least know what they are all about. Needless to say, I will not be returning. I will not continue with this insurance plan, and I will be seeking alternative coverage for my employees. I would not recommend going to Dental Associates.

By Shannon (Published ago on )
These doctors are wonderful. I have Dr. Brewer as my primary ...

These doctors are wonderful. I have Dr. Brewer as my primary and he is a great dentist. I also had a root canal with Dr. Ward. He was also great didn't feel a thing. They go out of their way to make you feel at ease. Dont know what the complaints about office staff are all about, but I have had only positive experiences with the office folks. I will definitely recommend this practice.

By Kevin (Published ago on )
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