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Deborah A Ashcraft Inc

Dental clinic in North Augusta, United States. | 5 reviews


Visit Deborah A Ashcraft Inc dental clinic in North Augusta, United States - this clinic hasn't yet provided sufficient data to evaluate clinic quality & generate GCR score. Please see questions below that will help you to evaluate medical standards of this clinic.

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Very great dentist... just way too over crowded all the time

Very great dentist... just way too over crowded all the time

By April (Published ago on )
I would not send my child here ever! Worst dental experience ...

I would not send my child here ever! Worst dental experience a child could have!

By Sandra (Published ago on )
My experience with this office was unexeptable. The service w...

My experience with this office was unexeptable. The service was horrible I waited for over and hour and still wasn't seen the nurses at the front desk we're rude. You can't have e young children sitting for over two hours. I just got up and left. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone
Very unprofessional.

By Megan (Published ago on )
I'm not gonna lie, I was super hesitant to go through with my...

I'm not gonna lie, I was super hesitant to go through with my daughters surgery today at MCG. Especially because I just discovered all of these negative reviews about Dr Ashecraft on here yesterday, the day before my daughters surgery. My daughter is five, and dr ashecraft set her up to have four crowns put in, and also did two fillings. Yes, of course the thought "but they're just baby teeth, why do they need all this work?" Ran through my mind over and over and she assured me it was to save her roots for her adult teeth, so naturally, I want what's best for my child, and when a medical professional gives her opinion, I feel like that is what's best for my daughter. I didnt go to dental school, I don't know anything about what's best for children's teeth, so I am obviously gonna seek the treatment from a professional that has plenty of experience in that area. Dr Ashecraft has been around for a while, apparently nothing too crazy has happened or she wouldn't be around still. After reading the negative reviews on google yesterday, I flipped out, I rushed to MCG to the pre-op office and told them all about the reviews and how I don't know if I want my daughter to go through with this, while I was there I also checked with my daughters neurologist dr park.they both assured me that everything would be fine, and apparently dr Ashecraft is one of the dentists dr park will refer. Anyways, to wrap this all up, my daughter and I got to MCG at 6:15 this morning and we were leaving hospital by 9:30. Dr Ashecraft provided me with paperwork of aftercare and scheduled me a check up appointment for next month. So overall, I'm pleased with how this went although I wish she didn't have to go through all of this. The lesson I learned, and confirmed by dr Ashecraft, was don't let your five year old brush his/her own teeth. Yes it's great they know
How to, they should totally be doing it themselves in my opinion,
But parents, always check after them, give them a thorough brush and floss every morning and night and u won't have to be one of us parents having to go through this, while conflicted about what the best decision for your child is.

By Sara (Published ago on )
Haven't been here in years, but the last time I was here had ...

Haven't been here in years, but the last time I was here had an extremely long wait, asked about it and was told it was going to be another hour. I tried to reschedule for a morning appointment due to a class I could not miss in the afternoon. I was then told, while there are probably about 8 small children waiting to be seen, that morning appointments are for the small children. Then I was asked to leave because I refused an afternoon appointment. On top of all that, every time I had went in for an appointment Ashcraft would yank on my mouth and wouldn't care if she had hurt me. Would rather let all my teeth fall out before coming to her.

By Brianna (Published ago on )
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