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I have seen both Dr Doi and Hartwell, and have had only posit...

I have seen both Dr Doi and Hartwell, and have had only positive experiences. Their office is extremely well-run; I have never had to wait more than ten minutes upon arriving for an appointment, and my treatment is always friendly. Bear in mind, this is "holistic" dentistry, so if you are fighting to add flouride to the Waimea water supply, this might not be a good fit for you. They are extremely popular, so scheduling routine dental care generally needs be done months in advance. We refer many patients to this excellent practice.

By Robert (Published ago on )
Dr Hartwell is good dentist and he and Dr. Doi have a really ...

Dr Hartwell is good dentist and he and Dr. Doi have a really nice practice. I was very happy with the exam and cleaning I got, and so was my wife with her experience. Their building is nice, clean and in a good location. The staff is nice as well.

However I called to adjust my appointment due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict. I was told by the staff that to change the time, even though it was the same day I would have to pay a $60 change fee. That to me was a deal breaker. I have a busy life and now and again things don't work out and need to be adjusted. I also doubt that if they were busy and needed to reschedule me, that they would send me $60 for my troubles.

I decided to go in anyways and ask Dr. Hartwell in person about it. He told me himself that this was his policy, and that this is what all Dentists in Waimea are doing. I politely declined to stay for my appointment. I went down the street to Dr. Luke Tarver's office and made an appointment for my crown there, since they do not have that ridiculous policy.

Keep in mind that Dr. Hartwell is a good guy, and a good dentist, that office policy he sets is just unfair and bad business. This is nothing personal. I just can't work with a dentist over the long run who does this sort of thing.

By Ryan (Published ago on )
I found Dr. Doi because I looked for a dentist that could sol...

I found Dr. Doi because I looked for a dentist that could solve my problem. My problem was that I had a painful tooth and I was told by my dentist that I needed a root canal. I knew that root canals had the potential of creating toxins in the body that could lead to a broad range of unhealthy repercussions and so I was opposed to the idea.

I began researching dentists in Hawaii, regardless of which island they were on, to find one who understood the weaknesses in typical modern dentistry practice and took a more holistic and enlightened view. I read some of Dr. Doi's published dissertations on a variety of subjects relating to holistic dental practice and decided that it would be worth giving him a try, even though I live on Maui.

I went to see Dr. Doi who saved my tooth (I still have it) and was able to give me the comprehensive dental care that I needed at a level of excellence that I sought. He has been in charge of my mouth ever since. My mouth is grateful and so am I. Thank you Dr. Doi.

Daniel C., Kihei, Maui

By Daniel (Published ago on )
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