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I went to Crystal Lake Dental associates to have a cleaning d...

I went to Crystal Lake Dental associates to have a cleaning done. I was nicely greeted by the front desk associates Brooke and Alyssa. Brooke helped me with the new patient paperwork and was very helpful. Jen who did my cleaning was very friendly and professional. She explained to me what I needed to have done in regards to my teeth. She was very thorough with her work and did a very good job. I want back on a different day for additional work and saw Katie. She was also very friendly and professional. On both visits I was very satisfied by both the front desk associates and the hygienists. I will be going back to Crystal Lake Dental associates for any further dental work.

By Zac (Published ago on )
I am writing a review in regards to my dental visit with Dr. ...

I am writing a review in regards to my dental visit with Dr. Neal at Crystal Lake Dental Associates on July 18, 2017. I had a crown put on my molar on the lower right side of my mouth. I am very upset and displeased with the service I received.

I am a patient who has high dental anxiety. Dr Neal and his staff were aware of this. I met with Dr. Neal for a consultation on my tooth, and he explained the crown would be a two-visit procedure.

A month after receiving my temporary crown, the permanent crown was prepared, and I returned to Dr. Neal’s office (July 18, 2017). I received nitrous-oxide and Novocain during this visit. The hygienist, Bridget, attempted to remove my temporary crown. She couldn’t remove it. Dr. Neal made the same attempt. When he also couldn’t remove it, he began drilling the tooth. This escalated my already high dental anxiety. I was never told what was happening or what was going on by Dr. Neal from the beginning of my appointment. I became very upset to the point that I was nearly hyperventilating and we had to stop working on the tooth. The temporary crown was being broken off my tooth in small pieces in order to be removed completely. I suffered through this appointment, crying throughout. I felt Bridget and Dr. Neal made no attempt to show any sort of compassion towards me during my visit. I very much felt that I suffered through it, and also felt overwhelmed by not knowing what was going on.
In the middle of all of this, Bridget had the nerve to ask me if I thought I should take a Valium before every dental appointment. I am not sure why she thought this would be an opportune time to discuss this. After an hour, the temporary crown was finally removed and the permanent crown was applied. Dr. Neal finished the crown and then thought it would be a good time to ask me why I have such high dental anxiety. My mouth was half numb, I had just cried my eyes out for an hour, and I had no desire to discuss anything with him. Dr. Neal also informed me that because I jerked my head while he working I swallowed part of a tool. I’m not sure if that was a drill bit, pick, etc. and furthermore am not sure how he feels this was in any way my fault. I left the office feeling very upset and angry. I am upset by the lack of compassion I experienced by both the hygienist and Dr. Neal who basically looked at me the whole visit with a “What is the big deal?” look on their faces. While I am aware that I am a patient who has high dental anxiety, I purposely sought out a dentist (Dr. Neal) who claims to be able to deal with patients who have high anxiety. I do not feel that he, in any way, was prepared to work with me and be able to meet my needs. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. This visit at Dr. Neal’s office has heightened my dental anxiety further, and I am reeling from my experience.

By Angela (Published ago on )
I started going to this dentist about four years ago after no...

I started going to this dentist about four years ago after not having been to a dentist for a while. My teeth were not in the best shape: I had cavities and my wisdom teeth needed to be removed. Now, I have a smile to be proud of thanks to Dr. Neal and the staff at Crystal Lake Dental Associates. The staff and doctor have always been knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating, and I would highly recommend this office.

By Kristina (Published ago on )
Crystal lake dental has provided me with a great dental exper...

Crystal lake dental has provided me with a great dental experience. Everyone is friendly. After not being to the dentist for 5 years Katie cleaned my teeth with no judgement and made my smile brand new. Dr. Neal talked me through everything during my fillings to help with my dental anxiety. Great experience.

By Bridget (Published ago on )
Thanks to Dr Phil Neal of dental associates of crystal lake. ...

Thanks to Dr Phil Neal of dental associates of crystal lake. He is helping me with my dental work. The office and dentist is great. I couldn't ask for a better place to go. Joy

By Jamie (Published ago on )
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