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9 months ago

Dr. Blackstock is an amazing woman. If it were not for her my daughter would have been born with learning disabilities due to my lack of thyroid hormones. At 5 months pregnant I started having heart palpitations. My primary doctor told me my thyroid medication was too high of a dose. He sent my blood work to Dr Blackstock and she called me personally to tell me to get to an endocrinologist asap. Turns out, my levels were too low! She saved my daughter! I will forever be thankful for Dr Blackstock!

About 1 year ago

She is absolutely horrible! Horrible bed side manner and doesn't not care about her patients. I was bleeding profusely and she told me it was because of my blood pressure (which was high at time of visit due to the fact my hormones were messed up and her staff told me 3 different times I'm over weight. I knew this. Didn't need to be told 3 times.) And tried to put me on blood thinners. A week later I went to a different Dr. and was diagnosed with pcos. My blood pressure was actually low due to the fact I was bleeding so bad. I would never recommend her to anyone! Stay away!

Over 1 year ago

I went to her for 2 yrs. Multiple times I waited over 2 hours. She also came in to do my exam & I asked her if she would mind closing the blinds on the... Read more at

Source: Yelp
Over 1 year ago

I went to her for 2 yrs. Multiple times I waited over 2 hours. She also came in to do my exam & I asked her if she would mind closing the blinds on the floor to ceiling windows i was facing. She said the windows are tinted don't worry about it. I was astonished, I am the patient and if I dont feel comfortable just close the blinds. Then we got 1/2 way thru my pap and she stops in the middle and leaves the room for 20 mins w/ no explanation. She came back in complaining about a surgery of hers being reschedules at St Francis in 2 weeks. Not only was it unprofessional to be complaining to a patient, but it was completely unprofessional to leave in the middle of an exam to make a non-emergency phone call. I also had seen a specialist at UTMB in Houston or some issues I was having. This Dr. was the head of the OBGYN department there and diagnosed me w/ endometrosis. From there he put me on a specific birth control that would help with my condition. Dr. blackstock wanted to change my birth control and i explained that she could look at my file and that i was put on a specific birth control for my condition. she then argued with me that I did not have endometriosis because i had never had surgery to remove the scar tissue. Well i never had to have the surgery because we caught it early and the birth control i was on kept it at bay. She then pushed me to change to the Nuva Ring which gave me horrible side effects. My hair fell out, i got melasma on my face and I started having horrible hot flashes. I've finally switched to a new doc and having such a good medical provider has made me realize even more what a terrible experience i had with doctor blackstock.

Over 1 year ago

Called the office for information on sterilization. Was sent to the nurse's voicemail. Called three times in a week, leaving voicemails and requesting callbacks and the nurse never got back to me. Should have been my first clue. I get to the office and "Sterilization Consultation" has been written on my paperwork pretty clearly. The nurse put me in the gown and apparently set me up for pap smear instead. I wait for over a half hour. The doctor comes in and tries to continue the pap smear session, when she has in her hand my paperwork with my reason for visiting. Once I get her on the right track she was extremely rude and condescending. I was attempting to discuss statistics with her. She kept ignoring what I was saying (statistics I got from studies) and she kept telling me I was wrong. Wouldn't give me any information or sources, just kept talking over me. She kept talking about herself and did not treat me like an adult. She then goes on to tell me they wouldn't even entertain the procedure for me. This could have been COMPLETELY avoided if her nurse would have returned my calls. It was a complete waste of my time with a completely unprofessional doctor and nurse. She wouldn't tell me why they put me in the gown, and kept telling me there was a "appointment confusion." Completely untrue. Would never, ever ever return to this worthless doctor again.

About 3 years ago

Office is wonderful! So is the nurse practitioner! Dr Blackstock missed offering me the blood work to check for down syndrome other conditions and she referred me out to a different dr and never told me.. the other dr's office called to confirm an appointment. she told me that it was awful for me to drink milk and juice and to give to my almost 5 year old. (we drink 2% milk and the juice that is 100%..which gets watered down or has vegetables in it)..i had told her that i use what i get from WIC and she said.. WIC just gives poor people cheap food not healthy! very insulting since i just told her i was on wic! on top of that i waited an hr in the room and no one ever expalined anything.. and then when i wanted to transfer to another dr in the office, they wouldnt let me. so now at almost 6 months pregnant i have to find a new dr..i hope i can find a new one and not have to go see her!

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