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BioDental Studios

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BioDental Studios is a holistic dental practice located in Tijuana, Mexico.  Affordable Prices For many people dental care is an unaffordable luxury. At Biodental Studios you can expect the same high quality dental care for alot less. We have included our price list for you to compare.  Holistic Dentistry We strongly take into consideration how dental procedures and materials affect the immune system of the individual. Learn more about Biodental Studios, our services and how we can help you.  Personal Care We take the time to get to know you and make your experience as comfortable as possible. We've included new patient information to help you get started with your healing today.

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Languages spoken at the clinic include English and Spanish.

Dr. Javier Morales, DDS

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This clinic specializes in following dental procedures such as root canal, veneers, and teeth whitening

Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Extraction

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I had a great experience and I'm very happy with the fillings...

I had a great experience and I'm very happy with the fillings work that Dr. Morales did on me. I highly recommend the unique experience that biodental studios provide.

By Miguel (Published ago on )
By Beatrix (Published ago on )
I had 1 mercury filling removed and replaced with a quartz fi...

I had 1 mercury filling removed and replaced with a quartz filling. My friend thought she had seen Dr. Morales, but it was Dr. Montano, who was very good. Dr. Morales had a bad fall on Sat. night (?)with a lot of stitches. He had a head injury, yet, worked on me Monday morning, even though Dr. Montano was available. He was very rough, I am still sore, he hit my other teeth with heavy instruments and my front tooth, (most have fragile veneers) which was hurting a long time (scary). He put his gloves on, then put on this belt for his back, touch other things, then used those contaminated gloves to work on me. He pulled off his gloves, inside out, put them on the instruments, so they are now dirty, but used them. He tried to sell me other work, like new crowns that were not needed. If my pain subsides soon, then work was probably fine, but I would not trust it. Vit. C was oral, glad. Their reiki woman was housekeeping. I think Dr. Montano is fine. I learned, check reviews.Shuttle service was great!

By Vickie (Published ago on )
I was referred to Dr. Javier Morales because he claims to be ...

I was referred to Dr. Javier Morales because he claims to be a holistic dentist. However, we had the most unsettling experience. I'm only writing a review to warn other Americans because he is so irresponsible and gives dentists in TJ a bad name.

In short, he attempted to remove my wisdom tooth without any preparation. I still had an infection but Dr. Morales decided to proceed and keep pumping anesthesia into my mouth. He tried to just yank the tooth out without any surgical strategy to no avail. He then decided to just saw the tooth in half leaving the root still in place. While he was aggressively pulling the tooth out, he damaged my other molar tooth (might need a new crown put in) and almost cut the nerve!

I was out of work for 5 days and couldn't eat anything for weeks and I didn't even get the tooth removed! It was such a waste of time and energy.

Thank god for Dr. Cesar Simental! He is fixing everything that Dr. Morales damaged and doing the job Dr. Morales is not skilled enough to do. I never write reviews but Dr. Morales is not responding to us or trying to help with the situation he left us in. I am trying to help others who are nervous about going to the dentist in TJ to completely avoid this malpractice. I highly recommend Dr. Cesar Simental at Dental Oasis.
• • •

By Andres (Published ago on )
By A (Published ago on )
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