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If I could give negative stars I would. Mr. Padolsky doesn't ...

If I could give negative stars I would. Mr. Padolsky doesn't even deserve the title of doctor. I have never been more uncomfortable and felt so belittled and disrespected before encountering this man and his office. He decided it was appropriate to tell me I looked like a famous actress, but only if I lost weight. Then he proceeded to pull up her picture online to show me. Not only is this rude, but highly unprofessional. He talked down to me saying that "this is an intellectual thing, I want to make sure you get it". Regardless of my education level (however, I have a Master's degree), this is extremely rude and upsetting. In discussing TMD, I then expressed to him that I wanted my teeth to still be aligned properly and he replied with "I don't care". I don't know who allowed this man to be in the business of customer service, but it was the worst experience I've ever had.
In addition, he tries to work outside of his scope of practice, which is an ethical violation and I will likely take it up with the proper institution. Not only did he suggest I research a disorder that is out of his scope of practice, but he then said "you have it". Last time I checked you can't diagnose someone with something that is out of your scope of practice, especially with no evidence of said diagnosis.

As a whole, I am extremely upset, angry and disgusted that this man has a license to practice anything in the state of Georgia. Don't waste your time or your money to get nothing but insults.

By Meg (Published ago on )
I have been going to Atlanta Dental Group for a few years now...

I have been going to Atlanta Dental Group for a few years now and I have nothing but great things to say. I love this little practice! I recently had to get a crown to replace a veneer facing that was too bulky and had started to irritate my gum line. Dr. Guest was amazing!!! He was so meticulous and thorough. He took so much time to ensure that my crown was as close to perfect as humanly possible. Dr. Padolsky - Good job acquiring this skilled dentist!

The hygienists are also very skilled. I have always had a good experience during my cleanings.

I highly recommend Atlanta Dental Group. Their customer service is wonderful and their dentists and hygienists are fabulous.

By Laura (Published ago on )
First I was overcharged & had I not needed a copy of my ledge...

First I was overcharged & had I not needed a copy of my ledger I would have never known. Now I’ve been waiting on my refund for almost 2 months and every time I call I get the “someone will contact you shortly” line. I honestly feel cheated and I wonder how many other people have been cheated & don’t know it.

Lastly, their prices are seriously too high. I’ve had better work done for much cheaper.

By Will (Published ago on )
I have been a Patient for Years, They are great to work wi...

I have been a Patient for Years, They are great to work with. Hate going to the dentist but they make it as pleasant as possible. !!!!

By Jeff (Published ago on )
The over the phone customer service was absolutely terrible. ...

The over the phone customer service was absolutely terrible. I called on a Friday to check on a resume I sent in for a receptionist position. I was told that I'd receive a call back an hour later but I hadn't heard from anyone yet. I waited until the following Monday to call back and check on my resume status. However, the gentleman I spoke to Monday was rather rude. He told me that the woman I spoke with Friday was just a receptionist and couldn't do anything for me. He then told me to come in Wednesday for an interview then hung up. I called back to see what time Wednesday but before I could get past telling him anything other than my name he immediately told me he could no longer take my calls at that center and that he was hanging up. I found a different number for them hoping to speak with someone with a little more respect only to have the same man answer. He relayed to me in an angry voice that they were very busy and had too many sick people in their lobby to take phone calls about an interview. I told him that I understood that completely but you never told me what time to come in for the interview Wednesday, you never gave me any specifics. He told me to come at 11AM but honestly I wouldn't even feel comfortable interviewing, let alone working for a company that would speak so rudely to someone. If the person I spoke with Friday was just a receptionist then the man I spoke to Monday that advised me to come Wednesday for an interview had to be the dentist. I wish he would've said his name over the phone. It's unfortunate that in order to leave a review you have to give stars because otherwise I wouldn't have given any. The only good thing I have to say about this company is that the RECEPTIONIST that I spoke with Friday was amazing! Extremely professional and sweet.

By Ivory (Published ago on )
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