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Welcom Art Dental Group and her handpicked team of dental professionals are passionately dedicated to creating outstanding smiles for patients of all ages.  We believe that a bright new smile changes far more than your outward appearance.  It renews your confidence.  It changes the way you view yourself. What’s more…it changes the way others see you.  Simply put, we deliver the absolute highest quality dentistry in a warm, friendly, and comfortable environment. We enjoy what we do, and it shows!  Serving you by honing our technical expertise and undergoing extensive training is a top priority, but we also believe that elements like building lasting relationships and providing attentive patient care are every bit as important.  Whether you’re interested in routine dental care for the whole family or a complete smile makeover, we invite you to visit us.

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Languages spoken at the clinic include English and Spanish.

Dr. Miguel Angel Fuentes
Dr. Alvaro E Gutierrez L.

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By Mary (Published ago on )
First of all, let me confess that my father was a dentist and...

First of all, let me confess that my father was a dentist and I used to work in his office so I know a bit about what to look for and I will try to share what I experienced. Three days ago, I visited Dr. Rubio’s facilities for the first time. This dental office offers a ride from the border if you don't know Algodones well, but it is a short walk if you are familiar with the town.
We were greeted right away by someone who spoke English well and I had a wait of about 5 minutes after I had filled out the paperwork (also in English and very thorough). Many dental offices in Algodones do not have x-ray machines in house. The two dentists I had gone to before either did not use x-rays or sent us to an office that specialized in imaging. The first room I was taken to in the Rubio Clinic had a shining panoramic x-ray machine in a bright, spotless room!
I was then ushered into the surgical room where there are three comfortable dental chairs in slightly partitioned but spacious alcoves so even with all chairs occupied, I felt relatively private but not claustrophobic, Each chair had its own supplies behind sparkling glass doors and the alcove was as clean and sanitary as the x-ray room.
I had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr Cesar Monarrez who is one of the Rubio Group. His specialty is dental surgery and he is an artist in his field! There was no need for a numbing prep before the Novocain; he took such care with the injection, I never felt the needle! While the shots were beginning to numb the area around the wisdom teeth, he personally cleaned my teeth.
I was expecting a struggle of mega porportions, the biggest molar against human brute strength, but it happily felt more like a walk in the park! My friend, Sam was the one who highly recommended Dr. Rubio's office. He had to have a wisdom tooth removed, too. At one point, he asked Dr. Monarrez when he was going to take the darn tooth out? The doctor replied that the tooth was already out! I thought this was an exaggeration, but it was exactly the same for me save that the Dr. told me the first tooth was out as he moved on to the second! If he hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have known either! Masterfully performed! The Tooth Whisperer!!
I was charged more ($130 each extraction) than other Algodones dentists had quoted me. There is also a charge for the x-ray and the cleaning. You get a discounted price if you arrange your visit through Dayo Dental! The prescriptions for an antibiotic, pain medications and antibacterial mouthwash came to $35. It was well worth it. The gum is healing quickly and I didn't have to use pain pills for more than a day! I would gladly go half way around the world to find Dr. Monarrez if I need another tooth pulled!

By Beth (Published ago on )
I my wife and I have been very pleased with the professional ...

I my wife and I have been very pleased with the professional services received at the Rubio Dental Group for over eight years. We see a complete experience with the variety of dental specialist under one roof. Modern facilities and easy to communicate via both online and US telephone number.

By Jack (Published ago on )
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