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14 days ago

I can't say enough about Dr Nilssen and his staff. He went above and beyond to make my daughter's ankle surgery possible. Most importantly, he touched my daughter emotionally. My child has always been active, with this injury she could not even run like a normal child and it put her in a little depression. Dr. Nilssen touched her heart and got her motivated by letting her know that anything is possible through hard work. He helped her see that hard work is not only applied to sports but also to everything you want to do in life. I can't thank him enough for touching our families' hearts and letting her know she can do anything she wants in life if she just applies herself. We left his office touched spiritually and emotionally... and with a memory that there are still good helpful caring people in this world. Thank you so much to you and your staff.

28 days ago

Dr. Nilssen and his entire staff were complete professionals. I get extremely nervous when I see doctors, and Dr. Nilssen and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. He gave me a complete update on my current medical condition, and he explained the future care required for me to fully recover. I recommend ANYONE that needs an Orthopedic doctor to contact Dr. Nilssen's office.

3 months ago

In layman's language, Dr Nilssen removed a bony growth from my left foot that was protruding from the top of the foot about mid-way back in line with the big toe. He also installed a plate and two screws that straightened the big toe. The pre-op process went smoothly as well as the surgery at Baptist Hospital in Gulf Breeze. Post-op experience has included visits to his clinic in Pensacola and involved two different casts followed by a walking boot. I am now in week 8 and walking with the boot and a cane. Plan is to be walking in shoes next week or so. Post-op has taken a little longer than I expected but it's been worth it. The clinic in Pensacola is first rate with an excellent staff and modern equipment. I've been very pleased with the entire process. Dr Nilssen is a great surgeon and looks you in the eye and talks straight. I plan to have the other foot done at some point in the future and he'll be my surgeon! Dick Christensen

4 months ago

I thank Dr Nilssen every day for fixing my foot. After many years of walking with pain from a badly healed bone break, and after many doctors and several podiatrists said there was nothing they could do, Dr Nilssen studied the x-rays and said : "Yes, I can clean that up". And he did. So yeah, everyday, I say a prayer of thanks to him. And I walk a lot now. And I am losing some weight. Thanks Dr Nilssen. You are a hero to me.

9 days ago

UPDATE May: I received a 2nd opinion from an AWESOME doctor in Atlanta. Confirmed that the surgery was pointless, as I would need a first metatarsal lengthening, which would take 6-12 months. The doctor's expression was "he really didn't need to do all that... I can see why you're in pain!" Even joked about my files from Nilssen's office.. Saying that it was obvious his write-ups were one-sided! I was just happy for someone to give my situation the attention it deserved. TAKE THE TIME to make these docs work for you. I went to Nilssen because of his reputation, but clearly any empathy and skill he once possessed is beyond expelled. _________________________________________ UPDATE April: No call or concern from Nilssen. I pulled all of my documents to get a second opinion in the next few weeks. He fabricated and exaggerated my behavior in his office on my documents (good thing we definitely did not record our visit) while he and his staff groveled over my wife. As for my foot... Still the same. I have been to PT multiple times as soon as I was directed (two months post surgery ), though he wrote on my documentation that I simply didn't want to go because of cost; which is definitely not the case at $10 a visit. The Physical Therapists actually wondered "why would he do that to your foot??" But mere PTs' opinions would never make it past Nilssen's eardrum. PT has improved strength in my mid-foot connecting to my big toe, but has made almost no improvement to my toes. It did make me realize that he slightly positioned my big toe to tilt upwards, making it even more difficult to use it as a dominant stabilizer. ALSO my super long second toe is now twisting to try to compensate for the awkward, stiff position Dr Nilssen left it in. I pretty much deal with the pain now. It has become so normal to be in pain that I'd rather be off pain medication. And to think I'd have to call his office again to ask for more, no thanks... Hopefully my second opinion will have a little empathy or at least concern, because Dr Nilssen has none. Not to mention the continuous HIPPA violations involving college athletes... Guy volunteers private info thinking he's cool. I got a deep-tissue massage yesterday, and after seeing my toes she said "whoa what's wrong with your toes?" I'm not even embarrassed anymore, because everyone says the same thing! Thanks Dr Nilssen! Made my foot and my life so much better! ___________________________________________________ UPDATE: 3 months now since I had my pins removed ($50 cash per pin pull by the way)... STILL in the EXACT same pain and condition. Three weeks of physical therapy hasn't made the usefulness or swelling go down (or made my 2nd toe any smaller). But its okay right?? They threw me a new bottle of pain pills, so I'm good right? Wrong. Not that they would know... because they haven't asked. _______________________________________________ This guy is all miracles and promises until he gets paid. Any negative experience that you tell him, he takes it like a kick to his ego. I complained about pain in my big toe, and wanted to reduce the length of my 2nd toe. He opted for a bunionectomy for the first toe, which did nothing for the original pain area. Pre-surgery, he forgot all about my 2nd toe request, so I had to summon god himself to get him to come into the room before they put any medicine in me. He actually drew a line where he was going to shorten the 2nd toe, then put me to sleep. When I awoke, my 2nd toe was just as long, but he also fused the end joint together without telling me he was going to do so. Now it feels like I'm walking on a popsicle stick. He blames it on flexibility (wrong). Also he and his cast technician both told me this surgery doesn't require physical therapy. 2 months "walking" I come in and complain about pain and express discontent, and he cops out saying "Oh well yeah you definitely need PT." Overall I still have the exact same complaints as before, and he got paid/I spent alot of money. Protip: make sure you have in detail what you're having done. In writing.

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