GCR Webinar 2: “Best Medical Practice”

Daniel C. Shaw & Maria Fecikova from GCR.org share Ideas & tips from the best practices of medical clinics around the world in their first GCR Webinar.

These are the topics that have been discussed:

1.05: Always use scripts for patient communication
2.50: 1st patient enquiry – ideal script format:
3.00: “1. The Personalized Greeting”
4.25: “2. Making the patient feel that you understand them”
6.25: “3. The Treatment Presentation”
8.20: “4. Handle Possible Objections”
9.55: “5. Getting the patient to book”
13.05: How to promote my clinic if I’m not allowed to advertise in my country:
13.15: “1. Using your own network to reach patient”
14.25: “2. Contacting every past patient”
15.30: “3. Making your current patients your “clinic ambassadors”
16.40: “4. Publishing educational content in media”
17.10: “5. Use 3rd party confirmation of your clinic”
19.00: Use Checklists!

Download 1st enquiry email sample HERE (to be updated)

Download patient coordinator checklist HERE 



For next weeks show, please send your questions or submit your website URL ahead to contact@gcr.org

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