Dental Guide: How to find a dentist in Krakow?

Poland is the biggest country in the region of Central Europe. With its rich culture, breath-taking landscapes, hospitable citizens and still developing industry is one of the most influential countries in Europe. Here you also find a lot of monuments, sightseeing places and amazing shopping centres. The biggest cities in  Poland are the capital – Warsaw, then Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice, Gdansk, Białystok, Torun.

Poland is the perfect choice for medical tourism, because of the high-quality dental services for very reasonably priced. What is more, it gives you the ability to spend a few days in some of the biggest cities or you can travel to some quieter places and relax close to nature. It is all possible because of good road connections between different parts of Poland.

Are you planning to go for dental treatment abroad? See this Dental Guide, to learn how to choose a dentist abroad?

Why should you consider Krakow for medical tourism?

Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland, and definitely the biggest in the southern part of the country. From here it is close to nature (Tatra mountains) but also to other big cities in Poland and Europe.

You will reach Bratislava, Vienna, Prague and Warsaw either by car or plane, bus, train. Its rich and long history makes it a must-see place in the world.

It is one of the most beautiful cities of Poland, combining both the charm of history and the lively atmosphere of the cosmopolitan city. It can provide you with quiet, narrow streets with numerous historical sites as well as with inexpensive and thriving shopping centres and busy life in business districts. In the evenings you can choose between various ways of spending your leisure time: theatres, museum, galleries, cafes, restaurants, discos, cinemas, gyms- everything is at your hand. Many parks and a beautiful river just in the heart of the city let you will the chilling and relaxing atmosphere.

Main Square in Krakow
Main Square in Krakow

Here you will find remains of the Renaissance history of Europe especially in St. Mary’s Church at the market square or Cloth Hall. It is also a proud home of one of the oldest universities in this part of Europe. The Jagiellonian University Medical College teaches the elite doctors who are recognized and appreciated in Poland and the whole world. Their knowledge is at the highest level and while treating here you can rely on them and their skills.

As it is a tourist city you won’t have any problems with finding suitable accommodation. It offers a wide choice of five-star hotels just in the city centre as well as friendly guest-houses with lovely home atmosphere somewhere in the suburbs.  Plenty of restaurants will let you feel at home or taste something new and traditional for this country.

Finding a dental clinic in Krakow

Many clinics in Krakow are internationally recognized and they are able to speak several foreign languages as for instance English, German, Russian, French, Spanish etc. 

Among them, you will find Luxdentica which is considered to be the best one in the city and it holds 8th place in the world according to Global Clinic Rating.

Before choosing a clinic to check the expertise of the medical staff. Make sure that their qualifications are at the highest level. You can be sure about that coming to Krakow as we put much effort to choose the best dentist with the highest qualities.

It is also very important that they speak foreign languages. In such a cosmopolitan and university city knowing a foreign language becomes a standard.

Here you can see the top dental clinics in Poland according to Global Clinic Rating.


The important fact to underline is that the Polish doctors have a good reputation in the world. They received the best education at the university in Krakow or Poland. Many of them studied abroad or worked/studied abroad for certain time so they have really rich experience.

The dental clinics reach the highest standards. Providing the high- quality treatment. Here you can receive all sorts of dental treatments e.g. veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crown, cosmetic dentistry. Many of the clinics are experts in certain fields.


Another important part of every clinic is the range and quality of medical/ non-medical facilities and technologies. The best clinics in Krakow own the diagnostic devices, special facilities, and technologies. As they learn from the best most of the clinics provide non-medical facilities such as parking, disabled access, free WI-FI, spacious units and modern design.


You should also check the medical and non-medical procedures, services, amenities provided as for instance free extra services (consultation, diagnostics), special support for international patients, communication services (website, social media, etc.). Many of the best clinics offer you the comfort and painless treatment. Like in Luxdentica where the patient and its expectations are priorities and that is why this clinic is so highly judged in the patients’ eyes.

Payment methods

When choosing dental clinic somewhere abroad, always keep in mind to check the possibilities of settling the payment. You should ask if you can pay by credit or debit card, or even if they offer monthly instalments for more expensive services.  It is possible to pay by card almost everywhere.


The reason for choosing dental clinics in Krakow is also the price of dental treatment. As it is considerably inexpensive city compared to other cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Taking into account the quality of offered medical and non-medical facilities you can choose it without any doubts. As here you will receive the high- quality procedures conveyed by the best experts at the reasonable price. It also refers to accommodation, transport or food.

The approximate cost of services in Krakow

  • 1100 euros for the new tooth on the implant (implant made of best titanium and ceramic)
  • 250 euros for porcelain veneer
  • 300 euros teeth whitening
  • 40 euro for esthetic tooth reconstruction

The consultation is usually free of charge in most clinics.

Usually, you can find complete packages that include pick up from the airport, consultation and accommodation, like here

Choosing Krakow as a destination for medical tourism you can be sure of receiving the services at the highest level, conveyed by professionals using the newest, innovative devices. All this will be a reasonable price.

What is more, the city itself can offer you the rich history, thriving nightlife and a deep breath of nature. Getting here is also not a problem because of the vicinity of the airport, good motorways or even train connection from many European cities. So feel the Krakow with a pearly smile!

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