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Medical Tourism

Strong beginning of 2018 in GCR

Kristina Fischerova | February 8, 2018

As every month, our GCR team was busy visiting TOP medical clinics all around the world. In January 2018 we managed to visit 4 countries – India, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Guatemala. We are more than happy to…..

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List of clinics and hospitals meeting GCR™ international standards worldwide

Kristina Fischerova | January 24, 2018

It is our aim that any person you refer to any one of the medical facilities listed here will receive the same or better standard of care than of that is expected in their home. The following list of medical…..

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DENTAL TOURISM: Where are all the patients going?

Maria Fecikova | October 10, 2016

You will have probably heard of medical tourism at some point; those seeking more affordable prices for elective surgeries have been known to travel to South Africa, India, Hungary and a whole host of other European and Asian countries. Medical…..

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