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Understanding IVF – ICSI method

Kristina Fischerova | April 2, 2018

Klinika Bocian is one of the leading centers providing infertility treatment in Poland. As this fertility center has been helping infertile couples for over ten years we ask their specialists a few questions about one of the IVF methods – ICSI……

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Dental Guide: How to choose a dentist abroad?

Kristina Fischerova | March 27, 2018

Nowadays, people from all around the world suffer from different dental problems. Unfortunately, the dental treatments are really expensive in some countries and not everyone can afford to go for dental check-ups regularly. Some dental treatments like dental implants, veneers,…..

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Choosing the right medical clinic

Kristina Fischerova | February 20, 2018

The public expects that the care they receive will be of the highest quality, in a safe environment, using appropriate treatments and materials and that any aftercare necessary will be readily available, however, as the GCR discovered through rating thousands…..

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