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Case studies

GCR: Case Study with Poliklinika Bagatin in Croatia

Kristina Fischerova | January 25, 2018

Poliklinika Bagatin was GCR internationally accredited in the middle of April 2016 by the GCR team. This polyclinic is located in the capital city of Croatia – Zagreb and it has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services…..

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This is what clinic owners are scared of the most: 5 nightmares (+video)

Daniel Coulton Shaw | June 1, 2017

In April 2017 GCR.org conducted an insightful survey of 88 GCR.org Accredited clinic & hospital owners asking them this question: “What is the very WORST thing that could ever happen to your clinic?” A variety of short & long responses…..

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HUNGARY: Helvetic Clinics – GCR Internationally Re-Accredited

Maria Fecikova | March 15, 2017

The Helvetic Clinic was officially visited and re-accredited by the GCR team in March 2017. It is first clinic which has become re-accredited by GCR. After 2 years of benefiting from GCR accreditation, the managers of the clinic has decided…..

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