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GCR International Clinic Accreditation

To Inspire, Promote & Celebrate Medical Expertise

See if your clinic qualifies for GCR Accreditation

See if your clinic qualifies for GCR Accreditation

GCR International Clinic Accreditation Benefits


  • Improved visibility on GCR.org & partner sites
  • GCR visit to your clinic
  • GCR accredited certificate, door sticker & web badge


  • Can track clinic performance & receive VIP practical advice
  • In person direct training and support to your clinic or hospital
  • A growing library of downloadable tutorials and videos


  • Instantly understand the standard your clinic provides
  • Know that your clinic standards have been checked by a 3rd party
  • Trust that you are a clinic of excellence
GCR Certificates from Around the world

GCR - The international medical clinic assessment of the 21st century

GCR Accreditation printed badge


Demonstrate that your clinic reputation has been proven by a 3rd party and can be trusted to bring excellent results for patients.

Learn and know from other leading clinics, exactly what's needed to take your clinic to the next level.

GCR Onsite review collection


Patient feedback is becoming a core standard of clinic success metrics. Build trust and display all your reviews from sites such as Facebook, Google, GCR and others directly on your webpage or in the clinic.

GCR helps clinics growth their revenues


Let your treatment fees reflect the trust standard of care that your clinic provides to both local and international patients, and continue to increase your patient base and dominance in your medical sector.

GCR newly Accredited clinics increased their revenue by 34% in 2016

New Patient Leads

New Patients Booked

Total Clinic Revenue


Study was conducted across 80+ newly GCR Accredited clinics in 2016.

Join the hundreds of clinics already GCR Internationally Accredited

GCR Accredited clinics

Let your clinic reputation do all your marketing for you...

Frank Kannmann, HD Dental

What GCR Accredited clinics say about GCR.org

Shalash Dental

Gold Coast IVF, New York

We are so honored to be recognized for our work, dedication, and results.

Thank you!
Dr. Steven Palter

Shalash Dental

Shalash Dental & Implant Center, Egypt

GCR helps to establish the standard for healthcare facilities worldwide. By checking all the details of the clinics listed, they ensure that patient's safety and satisfaction are totally guaranteed.

Well done!
Dr. Mahmoud Shalash

Poliklinka IVF

Poliklinika IVF, Croatia

We are very proud that we have GCR certificate, and we see positive feedback from our patients.

Thank you!
Prof. Dr. Sc. Velimir Simunic