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About GCR Score

Stars for hotels are generally awarded based on the level of facilities and services available, and sites like Trip Advisor rate hotels solely on public feedback. This makes it relatively easy nowadays to choose a good hotel.

But because excellent medical care is a highly personalized interaction between the patient and medical team and varies in degrees of complexity, it is difficult to give absolute guidance on what constitutes an “excellent” medical clinic.

However, the GCR - Global Clinic Rating Score sets out to assist patients in doing just that. From constantly monitoring 100’s of ever-changing signals under the 4 GCR pillars of facilities, standards, expertise and patient feedback a GCR Score is created and applied to a wide range of clinics throughout the world that have been serving patients for at least 1 year, and have gained at least 5 publicly available reviews on the internet.

Focus: As the only international, independent, cross-border, industry-standard benchmark for healthcare clinic standards and patient satisfaction, the GCR has been developed to serve both healthcare patients and clinic owners to evaluate the apparent standard of any particular medical clinic, anywhere in the world.

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Key statistics

Number of certified clinics: The GCR Rank currently consists of 126,000+ dental clinics, 7000+ general practice clinics, 7000+ Obstetrics - Gynecology clinics which are monitored daily. 1000's of them have been personally verified, and 100's of them have applied already for official certification.

We're expanding into fertility clinics and plastic surgery clinics in the next month.

We do this by providing each medical clinic with a GCR Score, and put them together in the GCR Rank so that you can effortlessly compare the GCR Score results with other clinics in the same town, country, continent and worldwide, as you would with restaurants or hotels.

Before we show you how the GCR works, let's get our definition of "a clinic" out the way..

A medical clinic is defined within the GCR™ as "a medical facility of one or more doctors providing treatment for one specific medical branch such as dentistry, eye surgery, fertility surgery and heart surgery for example. In some cultures and geographic regions, such a clinic may be called a medical practice, medical office or medical center."

The GCR Rank does not include currently hospitals, which the GCR defines as groups of medical clinics under one roof, treating numerous branches of medicine.

Here's how the GCR works...

The core component of the Global Clinic Rating is the certified or uncertified GCR Score of any particular clinic, which is then listed in the GCR Rank for comparison against the GCR Score of other clinics.

Any clinic that has the official GCR Accreditation, has been personally visited, evaluated by our expert team and the GCR Score is a correct representation of the expected quality you'd receive there. Uncertified clinics within the GCR Rank have an estimated GCR Score based on publicly available information such as independent patient reviews and information from their websites, and sites featuring that particular clinic.

GCR Score™

The unique algorithm that predicts the expected quality standard of any particular medical clinic, or group of clinics within a town, country, or worldwide. 

The GCR Score of any particular clinic is based on countless data around the 4 following pillars:

Gcr Expertise

GCR Expertise Score

- The range and quality of medical expertise and experience that a clinic provides to it's patients.

Gcr Facilities

GCR Facilities Score

- The range and quality of medical / non-medical facilities and technology that a clinic provides to it's patients.

Gcr Services Ico

GCR Services Score

- The range and quality of medical / non-medical procedures, services and amenities that a clinic provides it's patients.

Gcr Feedback Ico

GCR Feedback Score

- The amount and quality of past patient treatment reviews available to the public on independent websites.

GCR Rank™

The ever-changing list of the worlds medical clinics, sorted according to quality standards. For a clinic to be in the GCR Rank, the clinic has to be more than 1 year in operation at their current address, and have at least 5 independent patient reviews displayed somewhere on the public Internet. The GCR Rank is checked and updated daily.

This data for this rank are collected via:

  • freely available information about the clinics,
  • official information submitted by the clinics themselves,
  • data gathered during personal GCR Evaluations concerning the clinics GCR Rank™,
  • the position of a clinic in relation to the GCR Score of other clinics worldwide, or within a particular country or town.

GCR Official Accreditation

A yearly certification awarded to individual medical clinics to show that their GCR Score has been officially evaluated by our expert team and recognized for their commitment to international standards. This includes a personal visit to a clinic by a GCR Certification Evaluator to ensure that all data given, is up-to-date and a correct representation of the clinic. These are clinics that you can be sure that their GCR Score is an accurate representation of the level of expected experience and quality that the clinic provides.

GCR Advisory Board

An international group of medical & data analyst experts who determine, fine-tune and maintain the requirements needs to meet each level of the GCR Score on quarterly basis based on the newest research in the field. The GCR Advisory Board members are dedicated to evaluating the certification requirements of clinics and inspiring them to excel in providing care of the highest quality and value. The GCR Advisory Board members have diverse experience in healthcare, medical tourism, business, and data analysis including clinical experience in the health care fields that The GCR serves.

The GCR Rank, GCR Score, GCR Guide, GCR Certification, and GCR Ranking are all pending trademarks of the GCR - The Global Clinic Rating.