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Because private medical care is a highly personalized interaction between the patient and medical team and varies in degrees of complexity, it has been in the past difficult to give absolute guidance on what constitutes a “good” medical clinic.

However, the GCR - Global Clinic Rating Score sets out to assist patients & governments in doing just that. From 100’s of ever-changing signals under the 4 pillars of facilities, standards, expertise and patient feedback a score has been given to a wide range of clinics throughout the world that have been serving patients for at least 1 year, and have gained at least 5 publicly available reviews on the internet.

There is no fee for using or being part of the GCR Rank, and money doesn't buy a clinic a higher ranking or score, the GCR is a completely independent, international assessment of clinic quality. We are solely financed & supported by those clinics who have chosen to become GCR officially accredited, supporting our cause of improving the standards and accessibility of healthcare worldwide.

GCR Officially Accredited Clinics

Look out for the GCR symbol...

Today, GCR Accreditation is the only international official mark of quality for clinics.

These clinics rather than having an simple estimate of their quality by your past experience, recommendations from a friend or family member, or reading online reviews, have undergone a rigorous check of all areas that make up their GCR Score, and have been personally inspected by a GCR Accreditation Evaluator to check that the quality standard is the correct representation of the clinic.  It's the added, fact-based assurance that you need to be sure that you're making the right decision in your choice of clinic.

More and more patients everyday, rely on GCR Accredited Clinics for their healthcare.

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Considering Going Abroad for Medical Treatment?

Medical Tourism Friendly Clinic Badge

Look for the GCR medical tourism badge

As we hold the same standard for all private clinics worldwide, through looking at the GCR Rank, there can be no doubt that high quality medical care of the same standard to what you receive in your locally can usually be found in almost any country of the world.

As an added guideline in locating suitable clinics to visit overseas, officially recognized clinics by the GCR when treating patients from abroad in addition to the regular GCR accreditation requirements must provide or be capable of providing:

  • Foreign languages
  • Free help with travel & accommodation
  • Medical records available in the patients language

...and numerous other factors needed to make the patients journey for a foreign patient go as smoothly and to the highest level or quality as possible.

Soon you will be able to use the GCR Rank today to look out for the GCR "medical tourism badge". Who knows? There might be a clinic next door or across an ocean that's the right fit for you.

Is the clinic that you attend not listed?

If you don't see the clinic you visit within the GCR Rank, let us know here and we'll add it to the GCR Rank and let you know how well it scores.

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