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GCR - For Clinics

Being able to compare the quality of clinics between countries & towns has been important for a number of reasons. Not only are thousands of patients able to make an informed choice in where to go for their self-pay healthcare, but also clinics have a tool by which they can improve the patient experience, price their treatments correctly and drive growth through knowing exactly how their services, facilities, expertise and patient feedback compare to 1000's of other clinics worldwide.

Inclusion in the GCR Rank is entirely free of charge, and you can add your clinic here . Your clinics GCR Score will be displayed in the next GCR Rank update.

You may however desire to know how you can increase the GCR Score for your clinic by accessing the data that the GCR has for your clinic, seeing how that compares to any other clinic or groups of clinics that you choose, and seeing how that has and will change over time. Then you should consider becoming "Internationally Accredited" by GCR.

GCR International Accreditation

In contrast to clinics bearing an estimated rating or unofficial rank in the GCR Rank, all GCR Internationally Accredited Clinics have undergone a rigorous check of all areas that make up their GCR score, and have been personally inspected by a GCR accreditation evaluator to check that the quality standard is the correct representation of the clinic. It's the added, fact-based assurance that patients and clinic owners rely upon for the accuracy of their GCR score.

By proving the accuracy of your clinics standard, many clinics have seen their score dramatically improve within days as factors that we can't assess externally are corrected and improved. We'll give you advice on areas that you can improve immediately, and you're also helping us push the expected standard of healthcare forward within your country by taking your clinic through this step.

Once accredited, apart from appearing as "Internationally Accredited" in the GCR Rank, clinics have a wide range of extra benefits and tools at their disposal including:

  • The official GCR certificate sent to display on the clinics premises
  • The official GCR badge, GCR score widget and GCR review box for the clinics website
  • Monthly GCR benchmarking reports to see any changes in the your clinics GCR score, and the changes in the GCR score of other clinics
  • Inclusion in the GCR top clinics guide for patients
  • Access to the GCR members forum, the support blog, special industry discounts, and an invite to the GCR awards conference
  • A direct link in your GCR summary to your clinics website.

...and much more.

If you'd like to submit your clinic for GCR International Accreditation, please sign in if your clinic is already included in the GCR Rank, or sign up if your clinic is not yet included.

Not convinced? Then read our dedicated page on GCR International Accreditation.