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Patient Feedback is an ever-increasing important factor in assessing any medical clinic.

- But with 100's of websites available to visit and read reviews from people who have visited the clinic, it's often hard to come up with an overall impression, and to know which reviews are fake and which are real.

The GCR makes this instantly easy by monitoring all the reviews that exist to the public about a particular clinic, and bringing them together to create a GCR Patient Feedback Score.

(The GCR Feedback Score makes up one of the 4 "GCR Pillars" that we use to judge the overall apparent quality standard of any particular clinic in the world)

There are 100's of review and feedback sources that we assess to make up a clinic's feedback score, however here's a brief list:

  • GCR reviews
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • and independent medical clinic rating sites.
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Reviews from these sites and others are all computed against the currently available international data in GCR's algorithm, which generates a GCR Patient Feedback Score for the clinic.

Only GCR accredited & verified clinics can access all of their reviews in one place, see the exact breakdown of their GCR feedback score, compare it against other clinics, and see how much their feedback score must rise to improve.

Note: The GCR Feedback Score for any particular clinic may change daily as more patient feedback is added to our system.

The patient feedback of any particular medical clinic does not focus on the technology used, the facilities or services available in the clinic, that's covered in another section of the GCR Score.

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